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Love Makeup? Make It Your Career!

Love Makeup? Make It Your Career!Do you eat, live, and breathe makeup? Are you searching for a way to indulge in your makeup obsession in a way that will allow you to do what you love everyday? Then why not look into a career as a professional makeup artist? This career choice isnít an impossible one to pursue and as long as you know what steps to take and what to expect, you can easily make makeup a part of your daily life.


There are numerous benefits to becoming a professional makeup artist, including, but not limited to: being able to set your own hours, buying and collecting a huge arsenal of your favorite makeup and tools, doing what you love everyday, and having the ability to work on models, actors/actresses, as well as everyday women. The career of a makeup artist can be fun, glamorous, and can bring you opportunities you could only have dreamed of.


In order to become a professional makeup artist, youíll need to have the proper training. This involves finding a credible makeup school. You can search for reputable makeup schools by city or state, although there are a number of well known schools that stand on their name alone. Choose a school that you feel best suits your needs and has the right programs for you. In addition to training through a school it is important to squeeze in as much practice on your own as possible. While it is helpful to learn how to master applying makeup to yourself it is even more vital to become comfortable with applying makeup onto someone else. There is a difference in putting makeup on your own face and putting it on another person. Start practicing on your friends and learn different types of techniques. You can even take what youíve learned in school and practice outside of the classroom. The more experience you get the better.


Not only will makeup school teach you how to put makeup on someone, it will teach you how to work with a clientís skin type and color, as well as how to apply makeup according to different industry standards such as photography, film, and print.


In addition to training, over time youíll have to learn how to put together a portfolio of your work. Having a strong collection of makeup work youíve done will help you get employment in the makeup artist field. Be sure to schedule test shoots with models and photographers in order to get professional quality images. Once you have a good portfolio going, itís time to seek employment. You can start small by applying to work at a makeup counter in a mall or department store, or network with photographers and/or models to do makeup work for print. You can also look into the movie industry for any openings for makeup artists. You can also turn to the Internet to find places that are searching for makeup artists. After getting employment, you can further build on your portfolio and build a strong resume of work. If your work is really good you can build your own list of clients and eventually become freelance and start your own makeup business.


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