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The Best Makeup Colors for African American Women

The Best Makeup Colors for African American WomenDonít you just love a fall makeup preview that is filled with rich hues and dramatic colors for the season? The good news is this year that you can find some beautiful colors to wear in your cosmetics this year, no matter what your skin tone is. Even African American women, who have faced challenges in the past in finding makeup that specifically suits them, will find a bounty of choices in this autumnís makeup harvest.


Start with the Base

One of the hardest parts in making up dark skin in the past has been to find a foundation that matches black skin tones. For most women, selecting foundation is as easy as rubbing a sample along the jaw line to see which shades blend the best in this area. Not so for African American women, who have faced a limited selection of shades at best, and many of these with the wrong undertones for the majority of wearers. The past couple of years have seen a great improvement in this area of cosmetics, with more companies offering a larger variety of colors and with undertones of yellow that are more suitable to dark skin. Check out some of the newer selections this fall to find the foundation that will work the best for you.


Focus on the Eyes

Before selecting the best eye shadows for you, determine whether your skin tone consists of cool or warm undertones. Cooler complexions will look beautiful in shadows of blue or purple shades. Try a deep plum color that will be bright enough to draw attention to your eyes without clashing with or overpowering the rest of your coloring. Use grey or black eyeliner for definition, but go for a blue liner if you want those brown eyes to really pop. Warmer skin tones can be complemented with green or brown shadow colors, brown liners, and brown/black mascara.


Draw Attention to your Mouth

Lips are another feature that will benefit from the many great shades on the market this season, whether you opt for a sheer gloss that will look fresh and natural, or one of the many great lipsticks that will let your lips shine this fall. For dark brown skin, go for deeper shades of reds and plums, while medium skin tones will look best in a terracotta or coffee color. Caramels and peach hues will look great on lighter skin tones, and donít shy away from pink hues as long as you avoid the frosty shades. Keep in mind that darker tones will emphasize larger lips while lighter shades will minimize them.


Pink up your Cheeks

African American women are blessed with the ability to wear brighter shades of blush that might look garish on a paler complexion. Give some of the pinks and peaches a try to see which shade you like the best. If you prefer a more understated, sun-kissed look, opt for a bronzer in place of a blush, and use on the cheeks, nose and forehead for a natural glow.


There are plenty of beautiful makeup colors to choose from this fall, and dark-skinned women have many great shades to consider as well. Color your world beautiful.


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