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Makeup Tips and Colors for Asian Women

Cosmetics for Asian WomenThanks to today’s focus on multicultural groups, the cosmetics market offers extended choices for women of various ethnicites. No longer dominant are cosmetics intended for cool skin tones such as heavy, pink based foundations, blue and purple eye shadows and pink or red lipsticks. The concept of multicultural makeup began in the late 1980’s and various companies have evolved by creating makeup lines for specific ethnic groups. Asian women long had the difficulty of creating a natural look, especially when it came to matching foundation, but now it is easier for them to create a classic, daytime look or make a dramatic, modern nighttime statement. Some tips and colors for Asian women include:


Foundation, Concealer and Powder

Asian skin tends to have yellow undertones and little to no pores; therefore, focus on foundations, concealers and powders with yellow undertones to ensure the most natural match. Since Asian skin can range from normal/combination to oily, choose a loose powder, or if needed, a non-comedogenic pressed powder.


Eyebrow, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Mascara

A number of Asian women experience thin or sparse eyebrows, prompting them to seek permanent eyebrow tattooing. However, Asian women should strive to create a more natural brow, unless tattooing is needed due to extreme sensitivity to cosmetics or improper motor skills. Choose a medium to dark brown sharpened eye pencil, apply feather strokes from the inner eyes toward the outer edges and blend with a clean eyebrow brush.


With eye shadows, choose colors in soft taupes, browns, peaches or plums and apply the darkest, contouring shade along the upper lashline. Apply a medium shade on the eyelid and a highlighting shade toward the browbone. Choose eyeliner in navy, dark plum, charcoal, dark brown or soft black and line the upper lid only. Since eyelashes tend to be straight, use a lash curler before applying mascara to upper lashes only. Choose a brownish-black, soft black or deep black mascara.



Focus on sheer, light peaches, corals and mauves and apply blush on the apples, blending toward the hairline.


Lip Color

Choose sheer or creame lipsticks and lip-glosses in corals, plums, soft pinks, mauves and bright to deep reds.


Other makeup tips inlcude:


·           Avoid light brown lipsticks and yellow or yellow toned eye shadows to avoid washed out features.

·           Use green or blue shadows for nighttime use only. Avoid dark pink, purple and burgundy shadows.

·           Use false eyelashes for special occasions only.

·           Avoid using a black eyeliner pencil to define eyebrows.


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