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Makeup Tips to Make Eyes of Any Color POP!

Makeup Tips to Make Eyes of Any Color POP!You don’t have to be born with a dazzling eye color to draw attention to your peepers. The best way to show off what you’ve got is to work with what you’ve got and that means accentuating. All eye colors can look amazing with just the right colors and makeup application…and you don’t have to be a makeup guru to get great results!


Brown Eyes

For all you gals who complain that your brown eyes are too bland, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Brown eyes are ideal because they are the easiest to complement. Unlike other eye colors, baby browns can get away with dashes of color without looking tacky and the possibilities are endless. To make brown eyes stand out, choose shades of blue, purple, gold, burnt oranges and gray. Add a touch of mascara for lush lashes. To really make your dark eyes pop, use white liner on the inside of your bottom lid and regular black or brown liner on top. While this makeup trick is also used to make small eyes appear bigger, with dark eyes, white liner creates an ethereal look.


Blue Eyes

Most people think that blue eyes alone can stand out but that isn’t always the case. A common mistake is using blue colors that are close to the original shade of the iris itself. This can result in making blue eyes appear dull. To brighten up dull blue eyes or emphasize piercing shades of blue, opt for taupe, lavender, camel, lilac and other shades of browns and purples to make your eyes appear bluer than they really are. Choose your mascara color wisely. If you can get away with black, make sure not to use too much or else you’ll end up with tarantula eyes—less is more in this case. Instead of using liquid or pencil to line your eyes, use a darker shade of eye shadow as your liner for a fine or smudged look.


Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are already easy to fall in love with but using splashes of makeup colors can make your eyes even sultrier. Pick up eye shadows in shades such as lavender, deep mauves, pinks, plums and eggplant. These colors work well with hazel eyes to make them appear more vibrant and alive…no one will be able to look away. To create a more dramatic look, apply a deep/darker shade to your crease, using a slightly upward and outward motion. For a lighter, everyday appearance, throw some shimmer onto your lids to make your whole look shine.


Green Eyes

If you thought green eyes couldn’t get sexier, you are mistaken! To make your green eyes appear greener and lusher, wear shades of brownish-pinks, salmon, mauve and purple. One nifty makeup application tip is to use lighter colors on the upper and lower lid, while using a contrasting color on your crease. By softly blending these colors together you can create a smoky or dramatic look. Mascara in brown or black will finish off the look.


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