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Makeup Tips for the Pale Beauty

Makeup Tips for the Pale BeautyHaving a fair complexion can be difficult to deal with. Pale/fair/porcelain skin doesnít have the ability to use just any color or shade when it comes to makeup. But just because your skin is on the paler side doesnít mean you have to settle for looking like a ghost. With smart makeup tips, there is a way to make your complexion work for you and allow you to shine with the best of them. Knowing what colors work for your face and how to apply them is the best way to bring out a pale complexion.   


Donít be afraid to use foundation. Visit a makeup counter and get different shades tested out on your skin so you get the perfect match. For a flawless finish, build up your foundation color in layers and blend with a brush. This will give you a softer and more natural look that will add some color to your face without it looking like a mask. Translucent colors with reddish undertones serve pale skin well.


To add more color you can use a bronzer or blush. If you feel you are too pale, try a cream blush in a pink shade - but not too pink. This will give you a naturally rosy glow. If youíre going to use bronzer, use a light touch by sweeping it across your forehead, cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Remember when using a bronzer, donít choose a color that is too bronze or youíll end up looking unnaturally tanned compared to the rest of your body. Be wary of too much shine or glitter if you really want a natural look. Tinted moisturizers are an excellent option if you arenít a fan of foundation.   


Playing up your features using makeup can enhance your natural beauty and draw attention away from your pale skin. Mascara and lip color are two of the best ways to make your complexion work for you. Black mascara can tend to look too dramatic on fair skin so opt for brown mascara for a lighter touch. When it comes to eye shadow, choose shades that complement your eye color to better enhance this feature. Red lips tend to work really well for fair skinned gals but if that color is a little too much for you, then try a softer shade of red or pink with added gloss so your pout stands out. In this case, shimmer can be your friend. A striking eye color palette and shimmering lips against fair skin always makes for a stunning transformation that can be pulled off without much effort.  


You never want to appear overdone when it comes to the makeup you use so play around with colors and shades and make your pale complexion work in harmony with your makeup, not against it.


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