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Makeup for the Gym: The Secret to Looking Like You’re not Wearing Any

Makeup for the Gym: The Secret to Looking Like You’re not Wearing AnyFor your gym workout you want to look good, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying to look good. WE all have slight imperfections that we don’t want to advertise. Here are a few tips to keep you looking great at the gym without looking like you even gave it a second thought:


Try a Sunless Tanner or a Tinted Moisturizer in Place of your Foundation

Both of these product types can be a great help at the gym – they both can give you a wash of color over your face and you don’t have to worry about them running during your spinning class.


With a sunless tanner, you can get up to a full week out of one application and it can even out your skin tone. Most tinted moisturizers include vitamins and minerals to help condition your skin and also carry at least an SPF 15 rating just in case you leave the treadmill behind for the great outdoors.


The trick with both of these products is to find a shade that is close to your skin tone so your look stays natural. Going a half-shade darker can also be great because it will blend in nicely with your natural flush from the workout.


Because both products change your skin tone without actually covering it with a layer of makeup, your pores are free to breathe naturally and you can even dry your face with a towel during your workout. For a fresh “I woke up this way” look, dab some concealer under your eyes and you can be good to go.


If you’re Set on Wearing Foundation, Try one that’s Sweat-proof

Sweat-proof foundations are easy to find and most cosmetic lines offer them in a variety of shades. Look for products that specifically say they are oil-free and either gel- or silicone-based. These will not only stay in place throughout your workout (and even the rest of the day), but will also allow your skin to breathe. With these products, you can get sheer matte coverage that looks natural and doesn’t melt under heat. Look for products that list the mineral silica as an ingredient to further reduce shine.


If you have oily skin or are prone to sweating heavily when you work out, you may also want to consider a primer to make your skin more matte and absorb excess oils before you even apply your foundation.


Use Gel or Liquid-based Formulas for your Eyes

For gym-friendly makeup that says “I’m not wearing any,” less is more. So you want to make what you do wear count. First off, start with a water-resistant mascara with a silicone base. It will stay put and look great. Then use a gel- or liquid-based eye shadow in a subtle shade to dress the eyes nicely without overdressing them. Eyeliner can be notoriously runny, so try a liquid based liner and apply it to the top lids only. You’ll get subtle eye definition that won’t run – even when you are!


Leave the Lipstick at Home

For more subtle color on your lips that won’t smudge, try applying a subtle shade of lip stain before your workout. You’ll get a natural-looking color that you can dress up with some gloss after your workout is done.


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