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Teaching Your Teen to Wear Makeup

Teaching Your Teen to Wear MakeupWash your Face

As soon as your teen starts wearing anything on her face, she needs a good cleanser (no bar soap from the shower) formulated for her skin type: dry, oily, combination. She can use Vaseline to remove eye makeup. Faces should be totally clean before bed and cleansed again in the morning.



Even oily skin NEEDS a quality moisturizer. This is the most important product sheíll use. Spend time finding a moisturizer that works well for her and donít skimp. Apply after each wash.


Treat Acne

Donít let your teen slather foundation and concealer over breakouts without treating them properly. Teach her to cleanse, spot treat with acne medication and, if the condition worsens, get her to a dermatologist pronto.


Spend Wisely

Itís super fun to shop for lip gloss and glitter nail polish, but teach her to invest in the products that really matter. The point of wearing makeup is to look great, but if her skinís trashed from using cheap makeupÖ Never skimp on acne treatment, moisturizer, eye shadow (allergies!), powder and lipstick. These products lie directly on her skin all day and will determine her skinís health. They can over-dry and clog pores Ė by the way, hypo-allergenic is a term anyone can use. A good cleanser will make a big difference too.



Show her the proper way to cleanse and apply her makeup. To wash, make circles up the cheeks to help exfoliate. Apply all makeup downward with the fine hairs on her face for a more natural, even look. Pat concealer gently to blend, never rub. Donít line the inside of her eyes. It makes the eyes look squinty. Instead, smudge under the lower lashes.


Less is Best

Most teens donít need foundation, concealer, brow pencils... Let her try all your makeup goodies, but teach her to only use what she needs. Less stuff on the face, less breakouts!


Try Tints

Introduce her to tinted mascara instead of harsh black. Try a cheek tint instead of a ton of blush. Tinted moisturizers can provide all the coverage a young girl needs. Tints are especially useful for your outdoor girl or girls involved in sports. They allow her skin to breathe more than traditional makeup.


Sweat-proof Makeup

This can also be a great idea for athletes. Just be sure sheís cleansing and moisturizing well. Included a freshener (or toner for breakouts) in her twice daily cleansing routine.


Accentuate her Best Feature

Does she love her eyes or her lips? Teach her to play up her favorite feature instead of her whole face. A shimmery shadow and tinted mascara with a hint of cheek color and a natural or soft pink lip gloss creates a beautiful teen look. Sheíll want to go crazy with color. Let her. Then have her try a look where she accentuates only one feature. Sheíll see the difference.



Tan skin looks healthier and most teens want it. Tanning beds are dangerous to young skin. Self-tanners are a safer option, but they all have a scent and most arenít good. Apply at night with plenty of time to dry before going to bed and shower in the morning.


Be Patient

Remember when you started wearing makeup? Thick blue eye shadow, screaming raspberry lipsÖ donít we want better for our kids? Have fun experimenting, but be the voice of beauty wisdom.


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