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A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Pair of Jeans

A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Pair of JeansGreat fitting jeans are hard to find. Knowing what each cut means and what physique they are meant for will help. ATHLETIC CUT jeans blend the legroom of a relaxed fit, the flared hem of a boot cut, and the snug seat of a straight leg. It may be harder to find than other cuts, and you won’t find it for less than $60 usually, but if you have, as the name suggests, an athletic frame that needs leg room but not a wide waist, this could be the cut for you because it’s cut to fit your frame and not just surround it like relaxed cuts do. If you’re thin, these are not the jeans for you, too much room and too may curves cut in.


 RELAXED FIT jeans are cut fuller from the thigh to the hem, giving you plenty of legroom for maximum comfort. The downside is that some relaxed fit jeans are too relaxed. They are baggy and sloppy and not comfortable for most. These jeans are designed for guys with a stocky physique so they get a fashion break and are actually comfortable in their clothes. There is more room in the legs and seat. If you have muscular quads, these are the jeans for you. If you’re thin, keep shopping. Even average sized guys find that relaxed fits can be sloppy as well.

STRAIGHT LEG cuts are simple and straightforward. These are the classic jean that can be either dressed up or    paired with your favorite old sweatshirt. They are intended to be cut straight from hip to foot, which can be difficult to judge in a mirror (take your girlfriend), but if you leave a couple of inches of wiggle room from the thigh down, they`ll usually fit. These are best for athletic and average builds, and they look good on thin frames too. They accentuate the calf, so if you’re proud of yours these are definitely the cut for you. If you’re tall, opt for a medium rise. Thin, stick with low-rise to give yourself enough room for your jeans to ride nicely on your hips. Stocky guys may find this cut too tight and ill-fitting.

BOOT CUT are the jeans of the cowboy. The wide hem at the bottom flatters all kinds of shoes as long as they’re long enough. Be sure your jeans hit at least the bottom of your heel. Other than the hem, the cut of bootlegs are more traditional, sitting just below the waist, fitting through the hip, looser in the leg. If your build is athletic or average, especially for taller men because the enlarged hem balances out a stretched frame, these are a great cut for you. Thin guys look great in these too because they add a little something to the seat. Stocky guys, unless you carry your weight above the waist, don’t even bother with boot cuts.


SKINNY JEANS are making a scene because they cling to all your parts, especially the calf. They are longer than most cuts to create a bunched look at the ankles. Needless to say, these are the perfect cut for thin guys if you want to show it off. You can still wear skinny jeans without cutting off your circulation, so don’t go too tight. If you’re athletic or even slightly stocky, the tight legs can make you look like a stuffed sausage.


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