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Guys and Shaving Down Below

Guys and Shaving Down BelowItís not uncommon to hear about a woman shaving her bikini line or any other private areas down below, but what about a man? Lately guys have discovered the benefits of shaving down below, whether at the urge of their significant other or for their own reasons. Learning how to shave the area properly can result in not only a closer shave; it can also keep you from ending up with ingrown hairs or even worse, a severe rash.


Your first step in shaving is to take your time. Rushing through something like this is only going to result in a nasty and painful mess, so allow yourself plenty of time when working with this area.


Your next step is to decide whether to shave on your own or have your mate help you. Then, begin by trimming the area with an electric razor or clippers with safety guards. If you donít own either of these, a pair of scissors will work just as well. Pull the hair that you want to shave up away from the area and trim. Then, take a hot shower or bath to soften the hair follicles for a closer shave.


While sitting in a chair with your legs spread apart, apply shaving cream to the areas you would like to shave. If you want a closer shave, try applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly instead of shaving cream.


Starting at the bottom of your genitals, pull up everything with one hand and with the other begin by shaving with a new blade or disposable razor from in between your legs using short upward strokes. Pay special attention when shaving around the center of the scrotum. This is the area where your skin in most tender.


Next, shave the penis in the direction the hair grows. If it isnít erect, pull the penis upwards to make shaving the hair at the shaft a lot easier. If it is needed, go over the shaved areas a second time. Donít shave the area more than the second time however, to avoid razor burns.


After shaving, cleanse the area with a warm wet washcloth and your normal cleansing soap to help remove any clogged pores.


To avoid irritation, moisturize the area with baby oil or Aloe Vera. Do not use a moisturizer that contains fragrances or colors since it can cause irritation.


Finally, youíll more than likely experience some itching during the first few days after shaving as the hair starts to grow back. Grooming on a regular basis should decrease the itching.


If youíve discovered that shaving isnít really right for you, but are still interested in removing the hair down below, there are several other methods of hair removal that you can try.


If you can stand the pain, waxing is a good choice for a few reasons. First, the results are smoother and second the hair wonít grow back as quickly as shaving. However you may want to use caution with this method since it can result in ingrown hairs. Also canít wax the scrotum area.


Another note of caution: While there are depilatories available for the bikini area, it is not recommended that you use this method of hair removal for the private area. The reason for this is, depilatories are not for sensitive areas of the body and can very easily cause an allergic rash.


A more permanent approach to removing hair is electrolysis. This method involves shocks of electricity that will eventually cause the hair to die. This method is expensive and you will need to have the procedure done more than one time to get results.


Another more permanent removal of hair method is laser. This method uses a laser to zap away the hair. The results can be quicker, but as with electrolysis, Laser hair removal can be expensive.


Please keep in mind; whatever method you choose, if you have a significant other, you may want to talk to them about your method of choice. After all, you donít want a surprised negative reaction! Happy Shaving!


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