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A Guy’s Survival Guide for Curly Hair

A Guy’s Survival Guide for Curly HairAs a guy, curly hair can be a challenge. It can frizz and fro and take on a mind of it’s own if you’re not careful – and even if you are. There are three aspects to managing your hair: the cut, the products you use and how and when you use them. We will get to the cuts and how to style them in a moment, but first, let’s look at some basic maintenance tips for curly hair.



Only wash your hair once a day to keep it from drying out. In your case, you’ll need a good creamy shampoo and a heavy conditioner to keep those curls moist and manageable. Words like “moisturizing,” “fortifying” and, of course, “anti-frizz” are good ones to look for on labels. Depending on your hair’s tendency to frizz, a de-frizzing hair serum and a monthly deep conditioner may also be in order. And be sure to only lightly towel dry your hair. You can unplug your blow dryer altogether or, better yet, just throw it away.


The “I’ve Just Been To The Beach And You Haven’t” Long Length Look

Pick up any surf or skate magazine and you’ll get the idea. It’s a timeless look that men with curly hair can pull off with some planning and attention to detail. First off, get a good cut. A common mistake guys make is to simply let it grow. Left unchecked a thick head of curly hair can end up looking like Carrot Top, so be sure to tell your stylist exactly what you want.


The key to this look is to make it appear effortless. And the key to that is in finding a good pomade that works with your hair. With damp hair, work a small amount of pomade between your thumb and fingers and pull through your hair from root to tip. This will give some lift to your roots while still allowing the length of your hair to fall naturally.


The “My New Indie Rock Record Just Dropped in the UK” Mid-Length Look

Again, the key here is a good stylist and some good visual templates to show her exactly what you want. Usually with a mid-length cut for curly hair, the sides and back are somewhat shorter than the top and the overall length of the top helps to de-curl the hair enough to make it manageable.


The shorter curls on the sides and back of your head should keep those areas in check without need for much product, but if some structure and body is needed, a medium hold styling mousse can give just the right amount of control. For the top, a small amount of pomade or a light hold gel can give you that carefully disheveled look.


The “I’ve Got A Nice Shaped Head And I Like To Sleep In” Buzz Cut Look

The only way to find out if you’ve got a good dome is to get some of that hair out of the way. If you don’t like what you see, the hair will grow back soon enough. You could try this at home with electric clippers, but it’s safer to have your stylist do it. She can also shape even a short haircut to the contours of your face.


The good news with the buzz cut is that the shorter the hair, the less there is to frizz or worry about. A little pomade or light gel may be all you need to keep it in line.


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