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Men and Cellulite – Can it Really Happen?

Men and Cellulite – Can it Really Happen?When you think of cellulite you only really tend to think of women. Magazines all across the world are constantly pointing out the latest celebrity who has been spotted with a patch on their leg or on their buttocks, and women have become overly obsessed with the orange peel effect. However as uncommon as it is, men can also develop cellulite and it looks just as bad as it does on a woman!


Men and Cellulite

Men do not tend to get cellulite that often due to the fact that they have thicker skin which makes it harder to actually see the cellulite. Also, the fat in a mans skin is stored further under the skin and it is deposited in different areas to a woman, which is another reason you cannot usually see cellulite on a man. The most common place a man does get cellulite tends to be either on the neck or on their abdomens.


The reason cellulite actually occurs is because of the fat cells under the skin which change shape. The fat is squeezed and you can see it as dimples are formed just under the skin. Both men and women associate cellulite with being overweight, but you can be any body shape to develop it, it all depends upon various factors as to whether you will develop it or not and being overweight is not one of them. So just what can cause cellulite then? Well some factors include:

·           Hormones

·           Poor Blood Circulation

·           Smoking

·           Drinking too much Alcohol

·           Rich Foods


Generally it is thought that hormones tend to play a fairly big part in cellulite as teenagers and pregnant women are more likely to develop it. That is another reason why men do not always develop the condition. Overall their hormones are a lot calmer than a woman’s, though when they are going through puberty it could very well develop then.


So, if you are a man who has cellulite do not worry as you are certainly not alone. In order to combat it you should drink plenty of water, try not to get too stressed, stop smoking and eat a healthy diet. Keeping healthy generally helps with all health problems, especially cellulite. It could take a while for the condition to go away, but you will notice some results over a couple of months.


Overall cellulite does most commonly affect women but men can also suffer from it too.


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