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The Beauty & Organic Health Benefits of Silicon

The Beauty & Organic Health Benefits of SiliconBefore you get confused, this article is about the benefits of silicon, not silicone. This trace mineral plays a large role in the human body and has a number of health benefits as well as beauty related benefits. The skincare industry is starting to realize the potential silicon has to make a positive change in the skin, hair, and nails. Being knowledgeable about silicon and its many abilities can help you maintain a healthier life so now’s the time for a little education about this naturally occurring element.


Silicon is different from silicone because while silicone is a chemical compound, silicon is a pure element. Being the second most common element found on the planet, next to oxygen, silicon can also be found in food sources such as peanuts, apples, cucumber, honey, fish, pumpkins, raw cabbage, certain cereals, oats, onions, carrots, almonds, oranges, green beans, whole grains, and even beer. However, it is silicon in supplement form that has sparked renewed interest in the use of silicon in skincare. When taken as a supplement daily, many women have experienced noticeable improvements in the health and appearance of their nails and hair, as well as an increase in their skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Because silicon isn’t potent enough when consumed from food sources, supplement form is the best way to gain the full benefits.


Health-wise, silicon is able to increase collagen production, which causes an increase in bone flexibility and a growth in calcium needed to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. This makes it ideal for treating and preventing osteoporosis. The presence of silicon also aids in treating certain diseases and conditions, such as alopecia, atherosclerosis, and aluminum toxicity. Silicon has the ability to naturally encourage the growth of hair, as well as increase shine and luster. Additionally, this element also provides the essential nutrients needed for the hair to grow back in thick and healthy. So whether you’re suffering from alopecia or are simply searching for a way to strengthen your hair, silicon supplements may be your answer. Because silicon is so effective in treating certain conditions, it is also ideal for maintaining healthy nails by improving the quality of the nail, making it difficult for nail infections to occur. Those suffering from brittle nails can also get much needed assistance from silicon to strengthen the nail from the inside out.


Having silicon supplements are also helpful to those with a silicon deficiency. Those lacking adequate levels of silicon tend to suffer from poor bone development, bone deformation, arterial plaque, and slow growth. In supplement form, silicon is mostly found as part of most multivitamins, usually between 20-25mg, however, there is no known daily intake that has been recommended by doctors for how much silicon should be consumed. One of the main side effects of silicon is thinning of the blood so if you suffer from certain preexisting medical conditions, such as hemophilia, you may want to talk to your doctor before taking silicon supplements just to be safe. Those expecting to undergo surgery should also stop taking their silicon supplements and talk about the topic with their doctor.


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