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The Best Diet Choices for Strong, Healthy Nails

The Best Diet Choices for Strong, Healthy NailsBy now, we should all know that “we are what we eat”, right? But did you know that this adage can actually pertain to our nails as much as the rest of our bodies? Our nails are actually a good indicator of whether we are getting a proper nutritional balance in our daily food choices. When our nails become brittle or develop lines and ridges, it is often because a particular nutrient is lacking. By the same token, by beefing up on certain types of foods, we can do much to contribute to the health and beauty of our nails. A more beautiful manicure may only be a few plates away.



Nails that are brittle or are characterized by vertical ridges may indicate that you are not getting enough of this important mineral in your diet. Opt for iron-rich foods like whole grains, leafy greens, liver and prunes. For the really heavy hitters in the iron family, break out the wheat germ to sprinkle on cereal and roasted pumpkin seeds for a yummy, iron-rich snacks. Your blood will thank you for the iron boost as much as your nails will!



Cracking nails or nails that break easily may be a sign that you are lacking protein in your diet. If you are a meat and eggs kind of girl, feel free to indulge in these protein-rich foods – as long as you opt for the lean and low fat varieties whenever possible. If you are more of the vegetarian type, you can find great sources of protein in foods like beans and legumes. The fiber in these foods will make them friendly for your digestive tract as well as your nails.



If a zinc deficiency is your problem, your nails may be sporting white spots on them. The best foods to replace necessary zinc in your system are a glass of milk or a hard-boiled egg. You can also find zinc supplements at your local pharmacy if you can’t find enough zinc-rich foods to add to your diet. Keep in mind that partaking in that glass of milk and egg will meet your protein needs as well, so you will be able to double up on whipping those pretty nails in shape!



Biotin, from the vitamin B family, is a great supplement to take for more beautiful nails, and it will keep your hair healthy and shiny as well. Some studies have shown that more than half of the woman who took a biotin supplement ended up with stronger, less brittle nails. For best results, you can take 300 micrograms four to six times every day.



For the naturalists of the bunch, we wanted to include a couple of herbs that are good for your nails as well. You can brew a tea out of nettle and oat straw that will leave your nails tough as – well – nails, of course. These herbs can be found at most health food stores, and will provide essential nutrients like calcium, iron and silica that nails simply love.


Your nails deserve the very best that you can give them, both inside and out. Feed them properly and you will enjoy the beautiful, problem free nails that you have always wanted.


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