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Lemon Water

Lemon WaterWe all know that lemon mixed with water makes lemonade but there is a new drink involving these two ingredients that won’t make your lips pucker so much. Drinking lemon water is an excellent way to get the best health benefits while soothing your soul on those early mornings. And the best thing is that it won’t cost you an arm and leg to make!


Lemons alone are great for many health-related reasons. Lemon juice cleanses the mouth, controls excessive bile flow, dislodges phlegm, helps with digestion, removes constipation, and prevents vomiting, throat issues, acidity and rheumatism. For years, lemons have been used to treat a number of health conditions, including malaria, cholera, typhoid, and diphtheria. Lemons are also rich in vitamins C and A. When added to water (we all know how excellent water is!) the two become the perfect pair.


The combination of lemon and water can provide you with a score of added health benefits such as easing heartburn, bloating and other digestive problems, cleansing the liver and kidneys, providing the body with essential minerals and even works as a natural skin cleanser.


So what do you need to make a great glass of lemon water? Lemon + water = lemon water! Unlike regular lemonade, lemon water doesn’t contain so much sugar, artificial flavoring and additives. This beverage is often found in restaurants that use slices of lemon in cold water. But that is quite different from the form of lemon water being discussed here. The best way to enjoy the full health benefits of lemon water is by using lukewarm water. Water that is too cold or too hot causes the body to use more energy to absorb and process the drink. Lukewarm water makes it much easier to digest and absorb the nutrients.


Organic lemons are ideal for making lemon water as opposed to store-bought lemons because these are less likely to come into contact with pesticides and other chemicals that regular lemons often contain. But either will do just fine. There is no real recipe for making lemon water. Simply put, taking half of a lemon and squeezing it into a cup of lukewarm water is all that’s needed. You can also leave the lemon in the drink itself and enjoy it that way. The rind of the lemon also contains essential nutrients that your body can benefit from.


There’s nothing wrong with adding a little sugar or honey for flavor but lemon water is at its best when consumed as is. A slight pucker means you’ve made it just right. If you can’t taste the lemon, then there is too much water. Adding other ingredients to the drink will defeat the purpose so stick to the two main ingredients and enjoy a cup of lemon water each morning to get your day off to a good start.


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