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A Diet to Reduce Skin Inflammation

A Diet to Reduce Skin Inflammation You may already know that what you put into your body directly affects the way your skin looks on the outside, but what you may not realize is that you can help control skin conditions and common inflammation by paying attention to your diet. Generally, when controlling skin conditions through diet, the rule is what you don`t put in to your body is just as important as what you do put in. Follow these general guidelines when tailoring a skin healthy diet that`s right for you.


Decrease or Eliminate Processed Foods

Processed foods are full of harmful chemicals and added sugar that can lead to bad reactions from your skin. Eat all natural whole foods as often as possible. Consider opting for fresh raw fruit with granola in the morning instead of a commercial sugar sweetened cereal. Pack a healthy lunch for work instead of eating out, and eat a salad with dinner to ensure you get the raw greens you skin needs in your diet.


Drink Plenty of Water

The body needs at least 4 – 6 glasses of water a day, and as long as you are exercising and eating right your body can effectively process even more to help flush out toxins and hydrate the body. Pregnant women should drink about twice this amount of water to stay healthy during their pregnancy.


Say no to Iodized Salt

Cut iodized salt out of your diet completely if you suffer from acne. Iodine which is added to the salt makes acne worse. Avoid iodine rich foods like fish, kelp and onions to keep you iodine levels down. If you must salt your food, use mineral rich sea salt instead of iodized salt.


Cut out Dairy for one Month to Determine a Skin Allergy

Skin inflammation is commonly linked to an allergy to dairy products. To decide whether or not you think dairy is the culprit for your skin problems, go dairy-free for one month and see if your symptoms disappear. Add dairy products back into your diet one at a time and observe your skin for changes.


Eat More Soured Products

Naturally soured products like yogurt contain live cultures that are important in maintaining intestinal health. Healthy intestines and colon are critical in being able to flush toxins out of your system so they do not end up as pimples on your face.


Avoid Star Anise if you Have a Skin Disease

In Chinese herbal medicine, it is noted that warm star anise should be avoided if you have a skin or eye condition. Avoid dessert dishes that include the spice as well as gourmet meat preparations.


Eat at Least 5 Daily Servings of Different Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Different colored foods contain different vitamins and minerals for the skin. Make sure to get a healthy balance by eating from each color each day. Eat red, orange, yellow, green and purple fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds.


Increase the Fiber and Essential Fats in your Diet

Fiber is important to maintain colon health to help your body flush out toxins. Sources of fiber include whole grains, beans, lentils and beans. To get the essential fats you need for strong moisturized skin, add a tablespoon of cold-pressed seed oils to your diet daily like flax seed or hemp seed oil in a salad or a smoothie. Eat fish several times a week for essential fats as well.


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