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What Water Works Best for Your Body?

What Water Works Best for Your Body?Water plays a key role in our health and wellness. Without water, we couldnít survive. Doctors stress the need for drinking water on a daily basis to give us energy, flush out our system and maintain healthy, radiant skin. Of course, drinking plain, unflavored water isnít easy for many. That problem has been solved with the creation of flavored water, vitamin water and other special beverages that put a twist on water. But are these drinks better for you than regular drinking water?


Vitamin Water

From gym fanatics to students, just about everyone these days tote their favorite vitamin water around with them. It only seems to make sense that such a beverage can give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs while providing you with hydration. However, some doctors and physicians see vitamin water as just hype. While they acknowledge that this type of water does contain vitamins and minerals, many also contain caffeine, calories, artificial sweeteners and additives. On top of that, vitamin water doesnít contain all of the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Drinking vitamin water isnít bad for your health but it shouldnít be used as the sole source for vitamins and minerals or as a replacement for regular water.


Flavored Water

Like vitamin water, flavored water was created as an alternative to bland, tasteless water. But many flavored waters also contain artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that donít provide the same benefits that regular water does. This type of water canít substitute for regular water and should only be enjoyed on occasion.


Bottled Water

Plain bottled water is calorie-free and contains many of the same nutrients and properties that regular water does. Bottled water falls under two categories: spring and mineral. Spring water is gathered directly from the source. There are a number of springs where this type of water is collected and bottled. Mineral water comes from underground and passes over various rocks and is collected afterwards. This results in high mineral content. Pure bottled water tends to be the best type of water to drink (aside from regular tap water in your house) on a daily basis.


Tap Water

Tap water is the water that comes out of your kitchen sink. Some people tend to think this water isnít as healthy because of where it comes from but this type of water goes through many filters and processes to meet the governmentís strict standards. Tap water has passed with flying colors when compared to the other types of water (bottled included). Most people donít drink tap water simply because they donít like the taste. But if youíre looking to save money and drink water that is truly good for you, tap water works just fine to give your body the nutrients and hydration it needs.


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