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How Women’s Energy Drinks Work

How Women’s Energy Drinks WorkAs the popularity of energy drinks continues to grow, so does the number of different types of energy drinks. One or two in particular is now claiming to be fortified with ingredients suited for the female body. Find out just how such beverages work to benefit female health and if it should be a drink to include in your daily diet.


Energy drinks in general, have been popular among both men and women in the past few years. In general, a combination of sugar and caffeine are what make these high energy beverages tick. From athletes to the everyday consumer, downing an energy drink during the day has helped many keep focused, alert and able to find the strength to make it throughout the workweek. In addition to sugar and caffeine, many energy drinks toss in ingredients that are known for their ability to provide natural energy and revitalization. The most common list of ingredients you can find inside cans of energy drinks include: ginseng, carnitine, inositol, ginko biloba, taurine, b-vitamins, guarana seed, and creatine.


In terms of women’s energy drinks, this formula is pretty much the same, with the exception of added ingredients that are fortified to work especially for the female body. The manufacturers of the brands that cater to female energy drinks made sure to pay special attention to female consumers who currently drink energy drinks and those who did not. One concern they found among female consumers was the fear of gaining weight by drinking energy drinks. Others worried about the excessive sugar and their health. In response, manufacturers released an energy drink for women that was both sugar-free and fat-free, promising a boost that wouldn’t work against women in the long run. With only a little bit of carbonation and light, fruity flavors, female energy drinks claim to provide a relaxing feeling that still allows you to get that much needed boost without the jittery feeling that is commonly associated with traditional energy drinks.


In addition to providing a boost that doesn’t feel like a boost, women’s energy drinks contain natural herbs that are mixed with vitamins that are essential for keeping the female body in top condition throughout the long day. Other ingredients that can be found include: Super-Citrimax (an ingredient that has been shown to suppress appetite and inhibit fat production), Pyridoxine (provides vitamin B6 for a strong immune system, growth of new cells, and also processes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, while controlling mood), Glucuronolactone (a natural metabolite that helps accelerate and eliminate harmful substances in the body), Riboflavin (provides vitamin B12 for a boost to the metabolism, and to maintain healthy eyesight and healthy skin), and Niacinamide (provides vitamin B3 for proper circulation, healthy skin and proper functioning of the nervous system). These beverages in a sense can be seen as a liquid form of supplements. For good measure, women’s energy drinks also contain caffeine but not more than what can be found in one cup of regular coffee.


Women’s energy drinks are ideal not only for athletes but super moms, students with a hectic schedule and any other woman with a busy day on her hands. Of course, just because this type of energy drink is made for the female body, it should not replace a regular, balanced diet, water and regular vitamins or supplements. Be sure to heed any warnings on the label and keep your daily consumption to a minimum. Remember, too much of anything can be bad for you.


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