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Urine to Treat Acne?

Urine to Treat Acne?In general the word “urine” can’t be mentioned without some snickers of mischief or looks of utter disgust. If you thought that urine was only related to potty talk and human biology, then you’ll definitely be surprised to know that this bodily fluid is currently used by some to take care of their acne issues. How is that possible? To find out, you’ll want to keep reading.


We all know what urine is, where it comes from and what role it plays in healthy bodily functions. However, there have been other uses for this bodily fluid and acne treatment is one of them. Although not everyone will admit it, there are a fair number of people that have tried this form of acne treatment at one time or another in their lives. So how can urine possibly help with the prevention of breakouts and pimples? When you break it down, the answer is really quite simple.


The practice of using urine for skin or cosmetic purposes has a name: urotherapy as well as a couple different variations. While this fluid is commonly known as a waste product by many people, the truth is the exact opposite. Urine is not a waste product due to the fact that it is completely free of toxins. Its sterile state is thanks to the presence of water, which makes up between 95-98% of urine. The other parts that make up this bodily fluid are considered by medical experts to be small biochemical compounds that carry properties that make it ideal for treating certain skin issues such as acne.


The effects of urine are so popular that the practice of urotherapy has actually been in use for thousands of years in different countries all over the world. You can even find some skincare and other cosmetic products that contain some form of urine - mainly a synthetic version. This ingredient is known as “urea” and is mostly used in facial creams.


For acne treatment use, however, this do-it-yourself approach is very easy to do, although it may take some getting used to at first. In the morning when you get up, take along a small plastic container with you to the bathroom when you have to urinate. Wait a few seconds and then place the container in midstream to catch some of the urine - you won’t need much. Now that you have a fresh batch of urine handy, take a good-sized cotton ball and dip it into the urine container. You don’t have to completely soak the cotton ball, however. Next, apply the urine onto your acne and acne scars and allow it to stay on your complexion as is for a few minutes or up to half an hour for maximum results. Afterwards you can wash it off and continue your skincare routine as normal. For best results, you can practice this form of urotherapy acne treatment twice a day and can even apply it for overnight use.


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