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Is There A Solution To Neck Wrinkles?

Is There A Solution To Neck Wrinkles? Just like the rest of your body, your neck is susceptible to wrinkle development as you live and age. There`s a little complication to this part of the body, though. It contains your jugular veins, windpipe, esophagus, spinal cord, several vital muscles and tendons to keep your head mobile, and arteries. This makes the neck a very tricky place upon which to perform cosmetic surgery.


The next time you see somebody with a face that looks simply too amazing for its age, look beneath the chin. If that person`s neck has those fine little rings, than the mug it carries may well have had a few alterations.


On the other hand, people in their teens, or even earlier, have noticed lines on their necks as well. This can often be explained by weight loss. When we burn calories, the neck is one of the first places to relinquish its supply of fat, leaving excess skin or a fine line where there was once a crease.


If you`re one of the many perfectly normal people, of any age, who want to do something about your neck lines (even if they don`t exist yet), the best bet is to start caring for your neck now as you would an extension of your face.   Perhaps the most important thing that most people forget is to use sunscreen on every exposed portion of skin - including, and especially, the neck. The skin in this area is thinner than the skin above your jaw-line, so it is doubly vulnerable to gravity and sunlight.


Unfortunately, there are no over-the-counter miracle creams strong enough to give instant, significant reversal for these wrinkles. As stated before, if you`re looking for more drastic remedies, this part of your body serves as a pathway from your major organs and appendages to where your brain is housed. It must be treated differently than other types of skin waddle. Talk to your medical specialist about which treatment would be the best for you. A chemical peel may help.


Keep in mind that if you baby it and keep it protected from the elements, it will be easier for nature to help your skin rejuvenate itself. You may also want to avoid arrangements where your head is pointed downward for long amounts of time, such as at your desk at work or while youíre reading. As a general note, don`t give yourself too much anxiety over any set of wrinkles. Stressing over them is going to produce more lines than time alone. Be confident and engaging, and their attention won`t be below your chin.  


If all else fails... at least turtlenecks are eternally classic.


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