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Anti Aging

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Stress and Aging Skin

Stress and Aging SkinWith the fast-paced nature of the American lifestyle, perhaps now more than ever we are in need of rest, relaxation, and stress management. Let`s face it - life gets busy and most of us forget to make time for ourselves. Many of us suffer from chronic stress caused by any number of things such as child rearing, divorce, moving, losing a loved one, sickness, etc. The list of sources for stress in our lives in endless. It`s often an overlooked fact that stress, especially chronic stress, contributes to premature aging of not just our bodies, but our skin as well by activating the stress hormones that produce a flight-or-fight syndrome. These hormones, in small amounts, are healthy for our skin. However, over the time that constitutes chronic stress, these stress hormones lead to premature aging.


Stress also increases our risk for many diseases, including skin disease. Although it`s a newer topic in the scientific community, the potential damage that stress causes at the cellular level is now generally accepted. Stress affects our skin`s oil production and contributes to acne as well, but in the long run, chronic stress can produce premature aging and all the notorious symptoms that it entails including fine lines and deep wrinkles.


Stress Management

The good news is that along with the increasing level of stress in the average American daily life, the list of ways in which to manage stress has grown. Choosing the best stress management program for you is one of the best things you can do to prevent premature aging of the skin.


There are several ways to make sure you`re getting your daily allotment of R&R - and yes, rest and relaxation should be a daily priority, even if just for a few stolen moments. Exercise is the best method of dealing with stress and combating the effects of stress on the skin, so any program that incorporates getting the heart rate going fights these effects, as does even a gentle walk. You may consider also perhaps the oldest method of stress management - meditation. Taking a daily break that involves deep breathing and relaxation can be a great way of dealing with the stressors of life and preventing premature aging.


Some great techniques new to the forefront of stress management include such gentle but effective methods as yoga and Pilates. Stress management, however, can be applied in your life as simply as taking out time for yourself, no matter what the activity of your choice including reading, hot baths, buying yourself a new shade of lipstick or a new cologne, stretching, and generally just slowing down to stop and smell the flowers.


Your face will thank you for it!


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