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Celebrities and Plastic Surgery


More and more celebrities are choosing to go under the knife. The term "celebrity plastic surgery" has been one of the most popular search terms on the web in past years. It`s not easy being a celebrity, plastic surgery is becoming more and more of a necessity to keep up with their careers. Years ago we heard of Pamela Anderson`s and Britney Spears` plastic surgeries and these days other celebrities like Ashlee Simpson or Tara Reid have joined the on growing list of celebrities opting for plastic surgery. Still, every now and then we hear the protest from within the industry as lately with Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, both saying they will never go under the knife. Read more about celebrities and plastic surgery:


Elastic Bands May Well Be Hugh Grant`s "Plastic Surgery"

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Has Great Genes

Oscar Winner Helen Mirren Offered Pre-Oscar Cosmetic Surgery

Hugh Grant’s Strange Attraction to Plastic Surgery

George Clooney’s Plastic Surgery Admission

Actress Hayley Mills Prefers a Face Mask

Why Carrie Fisher Fears Cosmetic Surgery

Baby Spice’s Fear of Injections Stopping Her Botox Desire

Actresses Make Plastic Surgery Pact

Cosmetic Surgery a Possibility for Gwen Stefani

Eva Mendes Calls Plastic Surgery "Brutal Invasion"

Vanessa Williams Uses Botox

Die Hard Bruce Willis Fan Goes All Out

Jane Seymour Slams Cosmetic Surgery

British Singer Pete Burns to Sue over Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Jennifer Aniston Have a New Nose Job

Paris Hilton’s Eyelid Surgery

Jacqueline Bisset Says Plastic Surgery Makes People Look Freakish

Israeli Prime Minister Had Eyelid Surgery

Cybil Shepherd’s Cosmetic Surgery Secret

Love Reportedly Had Cosmetic Surgery Reversed

Actress Kate Winslet’s Cosmetic Surgery Fears

Julio Iglesias Vows Never to Have Plastic Surgery Again

Mother of English Football Star Almost Died From Cosmetic Surgery

Former America’s Next Top Model Winner Had Breast Job

Plastic Surgery is in Jessica Simpson’s Future

Another Actress Slams Plastic Surgery

Joan Collins Says Cosmetic Surgery Turning Actresses into Clones

Glamour Model Jordon has No Plans to Age Gracefully

Cameron Diaz to Have Surgery to Fix Her Nose

Actress Joan Collins Says She Has Not Had Cosmetic Surgery

Is Kate Moss Nose Change a Result of Plastic Surgery?

Demi Moore had £5000 Cosmetic Surgery on Her Knees

Lindsay Lohan Denies Having Cosmetic Surgery

Hillary Clinton’s Alleged Cosmetic Surgeries

Ex-Mrs. Mick Jagger Hates Cosmetic Surgery

Jennifer Aniston Denies Breast Surgery Rumors

"Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria Vows Never to Have Plastic Surgery

Has Kim Basinger Been Under the Plastic Surgeon’s Knife?

Elle MacPherson is the new Face of Anti-aging Brand

Former Miss Universe Endorses Beverly Hills 6750

Arnold Schwarzenegger Allows Californian Oral Surgeons to Perform Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Clive Owen Claims to Have had Cosmetic Surgery

Kate Beckinsale Thinks its Shallow to Go Under the Knife

Actress Tara Reid Reportedly Had More Cosmetic Surgery

Janet Jackson Admits to Plastic Surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis has Admitted having Cosmetic Surgery

Hilary Duff Understands the Need for Cosmetic Surgery Later in Life

Jessica Simpson Says Cosmetic Procedure Didn’t Work

Celebrities Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Growth in UK

More Cosmetic Surgery for Moore

Jane Fonda front woman for L’Oreal Anti-Aging


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