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Natural Solutions for Chapped Lips

Natural Solutions for Chapped LipsNo matter if lips are exposed to the drying heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter, oftentimes the delicate skin on the lips is the first to feel damage. With a little help from nature, chapped lips donít have to hang around as long as the storm or heat wave does. Try one of these easy treatments for dry, cracked, and sore lips.



Honey is an excellent choice as a treatment for a bad case of chapped and cracked lips because it is moisturizing and healing. Honey is safe to use on small cuts, and it is antibacterial so it will also keep lips from getting infected. Use honey on lips before going to bed at night, or apply throughout the day. A half hour treatment should help smooth and heal chapped lips, and it can be done several times a day for severe cases.


Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a good moisturizer for a case of dry lips, and can usually be found in just about any kitchen. For natural product choices out on the market, aim for a blend of olive oil and beeswax for a smooth consistency and thick coverage, especially helpful in the blistering cold.


Aloe Vera

If the lips are chapped or over-dry from exposure to the sun, aloe vera might be a good choice for soothing and cooling the burn. Use the gel directly from a piece of aloe plant, or find a gel that is pure aloe vera for your lips. After using the gel from the inside of the plant, it can be broken open and the clear and wet inside flesh can be rubbed directly on the lips. Put it in the fridge to help refresh the piece until there is no more moisture.


Drink more Water

Chapped lips are often a sign that there is not enough water in the body to keep the skin hydrated. If chapped lips seem to be a recurring theme, try increasing your water consumption.


Shea Butter

Shea butter is extremely moisturizing and nourishing to the skin, and it is said to mimic the skinís natural oils. If commercial products and other oils do not work for you, mild shea butter might. Shea butter is also a good choice for sensitive skin, which is what makes it a popular choice for baby lotions and other baby products.


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