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Katafray: The Answer to Moist Skin?

Katafray: The Answer to Moist Skin?The Katafray is a tree found across the dry forests of Madagascar. While its light-colored wood is as impervious to the elements as ebony, its bark is making headlines as a unique extract used in moisturizers and skin quenching day and night creams that offer individualized benefits to the user based on location and skin type. What experts say katafray can do for the skin may amaze you.


In traditional Madagascan medicine, a drink prepared from the bark of the katafray tree is said to be a natural energy drink and a fever reducer. The essential oil is known for its restorative and soothing abilities. Recent discoveries promote katafray bark extract as an essential oil that helps improve the condition of the corneal layer of the eye and encourages the skinís natural hydration mechanisms. Does this seem too good to be true? We focused on katafrayís ability to moisturize the skin and hereís what we found out.


Katafray bark invigorates the skinís natural hydration mechanisms (the ability of the skin to create a barrier that holds water in the outer layer and keeps us from getting dry, flaky skin.) It does this by joining with the skinís own moisture balancing lipids to maintain the moisture reserves already within our skinís surface. It then helps to reinforce the hydration barrier produced naturally by healthy skin. Finally this amazing plant functions as a moisturizing agent to keep the skin perfectly balanced and hydrated. The women of the region of Madagascar where the katafray trees grow, boast beautifully moisturized, smooth skin even in the driest of climates.


The truly amazing claim to fame that one company is shouting from the skincare rooftops is katafrayís ability, when blended with two types of Hyaluronic acid, to actually sense and take into account the climate youíre in while wearing their moisturizer. They say that their range of katafray moisturizers will moisture balance your skin according to not only your skin type needs but to the effects of the climate on your skin. You are guaranteed, in fact, to stay perfectly hydrated in any climate. You are also promised to maintain comfortable skin in any climate. This would be outstanding news for those of us who live in one extreme climate and travel to the other extreme. This could revolutionize how we look when we travel to another climate.


The claims are large. Do we dare dream that one tree could really produce a moisturizer that can travel the world and keep our skin feeling moist and balanced no matter how arid, humid or cold it may be? Some say itís true. Youíll have to be the judge of katafray and whether or not it is the answer to moist skin.


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