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Anal Warts

Also known as condyloma, these are growths which are caused by infection by the human pappilloma virus and are generally found on the skin around the anus, inside the anal canal or in the lower rectum. They are usually but not entirely transmitted through sexual intercourse. It normally takes from one to six months from the time of exposure to the initial outbreak but sometimes it takes years. Around two-thirds who have sex with a partner affected by genital warts develop warts. Adults in the age group of 17-33 are at the highest risk of developing anal warts.


They are generally found in clusters and can be very small or can spread into large masses in the anal region. They first appear as tiny blemishes. Mostly anal warts do not cause any pain or discomfort.



It is caused by the human papilloma. It is a contagious virus and is transmitted from person to person, mostly by direct contact. The other risk factors for developing anal warts are having multiple sexual partners, oral contraceptives and smoking.



It has been seen that people infected with HPV do not show any outward signs and might not even know that they are infected. When anal wart surfaces, their size can range from tiny bumps to large cauliflower shaped growths. Warts occurring outside the rectum are called perianal and those occurring inside are called intra anal and affect the lower inch or two of the rectum.


Although pain has not been associated with anal warts but occasionally minor bleeding may occur as a result of bowel movements or anal sex. If it is not treated, it may result in bowel obstruction.



Anal warts generally disappear without treatment. One cannot predict whether the warts would grow or disappear. If one suspects of suffering from anal warts, one should refer to a doctor and get the necessary treatment.


Cryotherpay is carried out under which the warts are freezed and then they are taken off with a laser. Loop electrosurgical excision procedure is also used to remove warts under which a sharp instrument is passed underneath the wart and the wart is cut off the skin. Special chemicals are also used for removing warts as they dissolve the warts in the genital area.


In a number of cases the warts can reappear and the reason behind is that the viruses that cause warts still might be present in the body as the treatments get rid of the warts and not the HPV virus.


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