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Look Years Younger Without Spending Big Bucks

Look Years Younger Without Spending Big BucksWe all want to look years younger, but at what cost? For some of us, price isnít everything. For others, it means the world, especially if when youíre on a budget. If you want to look years younger, but would prefer to spend a little less, here are some ideas that wonít break the piggy bank.


Get Positive- Forget what everyone else says and just be you. Natural beauty comes from the inside out, not the outside in. Keeping a positive attitude can enhance your appearance, and bring out the glow in you and the best part about it is, the results are immediate!


Ditch the Stress- Most of us either make excuses for stress or we just learn to deal with it. Both are not goods idea. Stress can kill you eventually as well as make you look years older than you really are. Learn to manage stress by taking time for yourself every single day, even if itís just for five minutes. Find things that you enjoy doing. Pick up a book to escape the real world or play your favorite song.


Get Sleep- Want to turn back the hands of time? Get your beauty sleep! If youíre body is telling you that youíre not getting enough sleep, then maybe you should be listening. Without it, youíll find yourself waking up to a dull complexion and puffiness under the eyes. Getting enough rest can turn back the hands of time by leaving you with a glowing complexion as well as no more under eye puffiness.


Re-hydrate- Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day can eliminate the toxins and pollutions that invade our bodies each and every day. The result? More youthful, radiant skin.


Eat Healthy- Your diet can have a very big affect on the way your skin looks. If youíre not getting the nutrients your skin needs you can look older and more tired than you really are. Eating foods like oranges can prevent skin from looking dull while carrots can help reduce wrinkles.


Get Out- You already know that exercise is good for you, so if youíre not already doing it, you should be. Exercise can improve circulation and can actually improve skin tone. If youíre not fond of regular exercise, why not try some kind of physical activity you do enjoy? If you donít have the motivation to get up and move, invest in a friendís help.

Makeup Naturally- Throw out any makeup or skin care products that arenít natural. Most of what goes into our makeup and skin care products may say theyíre safe, but they arenít meant for Mother Nature either. By wearing products that are more natural, youíre allowing your skin to breathe which allows for a clearer complexion.


Think Hair color- If you really want to look younger, change your hair color. If youíre starting to see gray, cover them with highlights or lowlights. If youíre current hair color isnít working for you, then try a new color. Often times, a great hair color can eliminate the need for a lot of makeup.


A Few Other Turn Back the Years Tips:

   Avoid using a matte pressed powder since it can play up laugh lines.

   Make your highlight concealer pull double duty by using it to cover up laugh lines.

   Want to plump up your lips? Try mixing a dab of Vaseline with a pinch of cayenne pepper and rub the mixture over your lips. The cayenne pepper acts as an irritant that plumps lips while the Vaseline helps to moisturize them.

   Wear color, not black and white. To brighten up your complexion, step out of the neutral zone and wear a brighter shade of lipstick or eye shadow.


The above are just a few ideas to get you looking younger. For more ideas, take a look at Mother Nature or whatís in your fridge. Youíre bound to find cheaper alternatives that will save you money and leave you looking beautiful.


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