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Tips to Stop Biting Your Lip

Tips to Stop Biting Your LipLip biting is a nasty habit that is hard to break. It leads to loss of moisture in the lip, chapping, peeling skin, pain and sometimes deep bleeding wounds from broken skin on the lip. Lip biting also leaves you more susceptible to cold sores and infections. Orthodontists claim lip biting negatively affects the teeth, causing them to unnaturally move. The next time you feel the urge to peel away at your precious lip, try one of these tips to stop the abuse.


1. Wear Lotion on your Lips Instead of Lip Balm

If you are a severe lip biter, consider switching your favorite lip balm with your favorite face lotion. Scraping the bad tasting lotion into your mouth is a perfect deterrent for biting. Try using a skin firming cream to tighten up some of that previous damage bitten into your lip while you are trying to quit.


2. Do not Lick you Lips

Licking your lips makes them dry and causes the skin to peel which in turn causes you to bite. Stop licking your lips, and the habit of biting them should end as well.


3. Use Lemon as a Deterrent

The citrus of lemon will burn your lips if they have sores and cuts on them from biting, but will actually disinfect, exfoliate and help repair the skin as well. Rub lemon slices on your lips a few times during the day to test how you have been doing and to heal and flake off the dead skin.


4. Apply Lip Balm to your Lips Each Time you Think about Biting

Pay attention to the frequency of your lip biting habit, and treat the sore spot each time by applying lip balm to your lips instead of biting them. Although this tip may not work on its own to stop a seasoned veteran, it can be helpful in observing the problem and doing something constructive to fix it. If don`t like lip balm, use cocoa butter or olive oil instead.


5. Chew on Something Else

Keep your mouth busy and chew on a piece of gum or sugar-free candy instead of your lips. Chewing your food more slowly and deliberately may also help you satisfy your urge to chew without mutilating your lip.


6. Make your Lips Extra Slick

Change from your regular lip balm or lipstick to a super shiny gloss or lip color. The extra moisture will help make your teeth slip off of the lip when you try to chomp down, and perhaps the extra shine will help keep your mind off of biting.


7. Relax

Lip biting can be linked to a larger problem of stress or anxiety. Try taking time out everyday to just breathe deeply and relax.


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