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Topical Caffeine in Skincare?

Topical Caffeine in Skincare?In general, caffeine is a part of most peopleís daily lives. Whether itís in that umpteenth cup of java or that can of soda, this ingredient plays a huge role in keeping people functioning and motivated each day. However, the medical community has continually encouraged the public to lessen its dependence on caffeine, which has been shown to be bad for our health. However, recent studies have found that when applied topically, caffeine may have a future in the skincareís anti-aging industry.


The skincare industry is currently undergoing a multitude of tests using topical caffeine as a means of eliminating the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and creating a rejuvenated, youthful complexion. Right now all tests have been conducted on mice, but the results have shown to be very promising for humans. According to the test results, mice treated with a topical caffeine cream showed fewer wrinkles than mice treated with a placebo cream. Additionally, the same mice were also found to have fewer skin cells damaged by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. Interestingly enough, the caffeine targeted abnormal skin cells to destroy but kept the healthy, normal skin cells intact. This could mean that caffeine in skincare could potentially work against both wrinkles and sun damaged skin, not to mention its possible effectiveness in treating and ultimately preventing skin cancer.


Although these specific results have yet to be tested on humans, that hasnít stopped the skincare industry from coming out with caffeine-infused products that are currently available on the market. Some manufacturers have developed caffeine lotion and face creams, which use the idea of topical caffeine to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, while moisturizing the skin and making it suppler and firm. Because of these properties, caffeine is quickly becoming associated as a type of antioxidant. Other products contain green tea, which is also said to contain some trace amounts of caffeine when applied topically. These items have yielded some positive results, but overall, topical caffeine skincare products have yet to be fully supported by the medical community for use solely in anti-aging. There are many skeptics out there that feel the current caffeine-filled products available are more hype than actual results, but that hasnít stopped consumers from wanting to try them out anyway. There are many more skincare products out there that simply use caffeine as one of its ingredients, which have been around for some time.


Until studies fully prove that topical caffeine is the next wave in anti-aging, it is best to stick to your regular skincare routine. As far as caffeine goes, try to cut back your consumption, since drinking caffeine has not been proven to be as effective on the aging process as it is in topical form.


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