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Tips for Starting Your First Exercise Regimen  Tips for Starting Your First Exercise Regimen

So you’ve finally convinced yourself that you’re going to step up your game and get smart about your health by starting a fitness or exercise regimen. However, the actual steps towards starting an exercise regimen are easier said than done. As with anything new, it helps to know what you’re

Celebs and Undo-Plasty - Reversing Plastic Surgery  Celebs and Undo-Plasty - Reversing Plastic Surgery

While it seems that you see more and more “unnatural” looks and it comes as no surprise to anyone when your next door neighbor or the Hollywood starlet looks one way on Monday and like someone else on Friday, the trend in plastic surgery is taking an interesting turn. It’s been dubbed “undo-plasty”

Honey, Your Baby & Infant Botulism  Honey, Your Baby & Infant Botulism

Honey may seem harmless, especially when it comes to your baby but not knowing that this sweet treat can potentially be fatal to your infant can be dangerous. Learn what you need to know about honey, infant botulism, your baby and why this common element of Mother Nature shouldn’t be anywhere

Natural Cures for Fungal Nail Infections  Natural Cures for Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infections, while unsightly, are fairly common for many people. Most hope for a quick-fix but in most cases, it isn’t quite that simple. But one helpful approach is to know the symptoms and alternatives for treating it. There are many different types of fungal nail infections

All about Mesotherapy  All about Mesotherapy

One of the most unsightly body image issues for many women and young girls is cellulite. Dimpling in the thighs and buttocks can make for a difficult time when choosing a swimsuit for the summer. Luckily, there are procedures that have been developed to treat this common problem. In the case

Fall 2008 Fashion Trends for Men  Fall 2008 Fashion Trends for Men

Even the guys can get in on the fun with learning about the latest fashion trends for this Fall. Hey, the guys also deserve to look their best in order to complement their female counterparts! While the clothing items for most men aren’t as varied as that of a woman’s wardrobe, there are still some

10 Tips & Tricks to Appear More Youthful  10 Tips & Tricks to Appear More Youthful

It goes without saying that society is pretty much obsessed with the concept of youth and turning back the clock. The media has especially played a large role in shaping our perceptions of age and what it means to get and look older. For many women, the appearance of fine line and wrinkles can

Men & Body Image Issues  Men & Body Image Issues

For years women have struggled with the media’s definition of beauty. From supermodels to Hollywood actresses, the body image issue has waged war with womankind since forever. But what about the guys? If you think being a man is a cakewalk, you’d be surprised - men have body image issues, too.

The Male Celeb Body – Brad Pitt  The Male Celeb Body – Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has just about everything any guy could want: sex appeal, a handsome face, a stunning list of movies and awards, and he’s dating one of the world’s sexiest women alive. It’s good to be Brad Pitt. But there is also another thing many drool over when it comes to this A-list actor: his body.

Undo Any Fashion Emergency  Undo Any Fashion Emergency

OK so some of these are real life emergencies – like your zipper gets stuck in the bathroom at work – and some are just really annoying, which we all know can easily escalate into a fashion emergency. Either way, there’s hope and a cure for lots of what ails your zippers and shoes and scuffed purses

Knowing the Difference Between Perfume Oils and Perfume  Knowing the Difference Between Perfume Oils and Perfume

Perfume and fragrances have been around for many years and have continued to enjoy popularity. However, there continues to be confusion among many as to what the proper terminology is when it comes to this subject. It never hurts to gain more knowledge about the topic, especially if you love

Fall 2008 Fashion Trends for Women  Fall 2008 Fashion Trends for Women

Not only does the Fall season invoke warm feelings of watching the seasons change and gearing up for cooler temperatures, fashionistas out there are gearing up for the latest information on what’s hot, what’s new and what clothing items they must have in their wardrobes. Lucky for you, you can get

Nail Polish: The Must-Have Beauty Tool  Nail Polish: The Must-Have Beauty Tool

We have hundreds of must-haves on the shelves in the beauty supply aisles, but one product has risen back to the top of the list for this season. For the past years buff or natural nails have ruled the fashion world, but color is back and nail polish is once again the beauty tool you don’t want to be

Who Feels Most Comfortable In Their Own Skin  Who Feels Most Comfortable In Their Own Skin

A recent poll asked a question few were really comfortable answering. The question was: Are you comfortable enough with yourself to be stared at in public? The answers were preceded with gasps of, “What are you, crazy?” “Who in the world would want to be stared at anywhere?” “What kind of question

Skincare and Anti-Aging – Don’t Forget These Areas!  Skincare and Anti-Aging – Don’t Forget These Areas!

You’re diligent with a facial skincare routine that consists of cleansing, moisturizing and using SPF and you invest in specialty serums and moisturizers to firm, lift, minimize wrinkles and to lighten age spots, freckles and discoloration. You also have a favorite body scrub and body lotion

Fitness & Age – Kids  Fitness & Age – Kids

So your kids are no longer in their diapers but not old enough to have pimples. Where does fitness play a part? If you don’t want to rely solely on physical education classes at school, there are a few steps you as a parent can take to ensure that your kids are in the best physical shape. All it takes

Fit Yourself for the Perfect Bra  Fit Yourself for the Perfect Bra

The quest to find a bra that fits perfectly begins at puberty and doesn’t ever end for most women. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is that to find the right fit, you really do benefit from someone else measuring you – something few want to do in the mall. While there are no exact

The Liquid Facelift  The Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift is a facial contouring procedure that involves the use of strategically placed dermal fillers and collagen builders around the face. The exact placement of these two, plus the timeliness that they are placed, can produce results similar to a facelift or other facial

6 Super Simple Boosts for Your Fitness Routine  6 Super Simple Boosts for Your Fitness Routine

Anyone who has held onto a fitness routine for any length of time knows that slumps are unavoidable – those days or weeks when you would rather be doing anything other than working out. So when the down days come, here are 6 mind games you can play (and win) to get yourself back into the groove and into

Budget or Beauty? Which Comes First?  Budget or Beauty? Which Comes First?

Depending on where you take your cues, it may seem like beauty is only attainable if it costs a fortune. High priced creams and potions that promise youth and beauty are advertised using models who inadvertently promote high priced procedures because most of us aren’t going to achieve that

How to Make a Nutrition Plan that Keeps You Beautiful  How to Make a Nutrition Plan that Keeps You Beautiful

We’re not talking about just another diet or beauty routine. This is a plan that focuses on what you eat and why you eat it – because it benefits your inside and your outside, because it helps improve your health and your looks. It’s a nutrition plan that teaches you how to make good choices and maintain

How to Fight The 5 Biggest Skin Offenders  How to Fight The 5 Biggest Skin Offenders

In the fight against aging and the fight for healthy, beautiful skin, there are five offenders that show up repeatedly. Companies are built on products designed to do combat with lines, dry and puffy skin, dull skin and breakouts. These five offenders and the ways they are mistreated contribute

Olympic Celebs And How They Stay Fit And Beautiful  Olympic Celebs And How They Stay Fit And Beautiful

The women of the 2008 Beijing Olympics are not only finely tuned machines, they are beautiful inside and out. Many have found that to stay in shape and motivated it takes a lot more than two practice sessions a day and a strict diet. It takes motivation. Motivation is personal and can’t be taught

Green Up Your Morning Routine  Green Up Your Morning Routine

Maybe you have purchased a more fuel-efficient car and now you carpool to work or take public transportation. You’ve recycled your plastic, glass and aluminum as long as you can remember, but your morning get up and get out the door routine may not be an area of your life you would think of as having

How to Make your Makeup Match your Clothes  How to Make your Makeup Match your Clothes

Abstract patterns and bright, bold colors are hot on the fashion scene. Take another look and you’ll see the sleek lines of black and white clothing and accessories. And what about casual weekend wear and your Sunday best – how do you match your makeup with your ever-changing style? Look to

Fashion Trends for 2008 – Shoes  Fashion Trends for 2008 – Shoes

If you are a true fashionista, you’ll want to not only know the trends of this year, you’ll want to know just about every detail you can about the hottest items and where to find them. When it comes to shoes, most women just can’t get enough. Well, if shoes are your weakness, you’ll fall head over heels

The Menstrual Cup: Your Alternative to Tampons and Pads  The Menstrual Cup: Your Alternative to Tampons and Pads

It goes without saying that just about every woman wishes she didn’t have to deal with PMS each month. Not only are cramps, mood swings and bloating common challenges, so are the methods used to keep it in check - namely, tampons and pads. These two methods for dealing with menstruation have been

The History of Nutrition  The History of Nutrition

The concept of nutrition wasn’t just an idea that popped up out of thin air. Nutrition is a concept that developed itself over many, many years. Sometimes it’s nice to take a quick history lesson to learn where and how nutrition originated and who played a part in bringing it to the forefront.

How to Lose Weight if You’re Over 40  How to Lose Weight if You’re Over 40

Sure eating right is fairly easy no matter what age you are, but what about exercise? Most folks can’t do quite the same workout routine in their 40s, 50s and beyond as they did in their 20s and 30s. The good news is that you don’t have to let your age affect your lifestyle, especially if you’re on

Get the Sex & the City Look – Samantha & Miranda  Get the Sex & the City Look – Samantha & Miranda

Each of the sexy ladies in Sex & the City is different and embraces a beauty and style her own. This couldn’t be more true of the glam siren Samantha and the professional, no-nonsense Miranda. If you want to draw all eyes and become the center of attention like Samantha or demand respect


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