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The Benefits of Scalp Massages for Healthier Hair  The Benefits of Scalp Massages for Healthier Hair

If youíve ever had a body massage, you know how refreshing and wonderful you feel from head to toe afterwards. Since this therapeutic practice does so much for the body, why canít it do the same for your scalp and hair? Even though our hair is actually ďdead,Ē the scalp isnít, and whatever makes

Bring the Life Out of Your Jeans  Bring the Life Out of Your Jeans

We all have jeans that we just adore. Whether itís the style, color or fit, jeans can make or break an outfit. But if youíve been bored with your jeans lately, you may want to try something new. Instead of going out and spending money on a new pair, it helps to have a little crafty know-how in order

Makeup & Beauty Habits You Should Break for the Summer  Makeup & Beauty Habits You Should Break for the Summer

By now you should know that when the seasons change, so should some of the items in your makeup and beauty arsenal. But what about the way you approach your beauty routine? To totally cover your bases, itís important to not only switch out your makeup and beauty items throughout the year, itís also

Learning About Lip Enhancement Treatments  Learning About Lip Enhancement Treatments

Because not all of us had the fortune to be born with naturally gorgeous lips like Angelina Jolie, some women have to fake a fuller pout. While most turn to cosmetic lip enhancement procedures, there are also non-surgical means to getting fuller lips. Out of these alternatives, youíre bound

Plus Size Summer Outfits That Wow  Plus Size Summer Outfits That Wow

Summertime can mean either joy or fear if you are a plus sized gal but worry no longer! Not being the perfect size 2 or 4 is no longer a concern, since so many designers have come out with amazing plus size clothing that allows you to embrace all your feminine wiles. The key is knowing what to wear

Hair Smart Food  Hair Smart Food

Your hair is one of the first things that people see when they look at you. Even if you arenít a ďgirly-girl,Ē no one wants damaged, dull looking hair that is fried or filled with split ends. A good hair care routine can keep your locks full, shiny, bouncy and gorgeous from roots to tips. But if you want

Understanding Bronzer  Understanding Bronzer

Bronzer can make you look like a sun kissed goddess or it can make you look like a bronze statute gone wrong. This popular makeup product has become a must-have item for teens and women everywhere but unfortunately, not many are educated enough about how to use this simple product for enhancing

Why Not Try Fruitarianism?  Why Not Try Fruitarianism?

Yes, you read right: fruitarianism. It doesnít take a genius to realize that this particular food diet consists of fruit, but what are the guidelines and how does one maintain a nutritional benefit from eating only fruit? If youíve always been a lover of melons, apples, oranges and everything

Health or Fashion? Which Motivates Best?  Health or Fashion? Which Motivates Best?

According to the American Psychological Association, 31% of women and 19% of men are comfort eaters. This means we like to eat when weíre down as well as when weíre feeling great Ė food is both a medicine and a celebration. To make matters worse, a recent study suggests that women are prone to opt

The Best Beauty Accents of the Season  The Best Beauty Accents of the Season

Have you ever noticed how some people look like they own the summer? You see them and know that theyíve done something (or a lot of something`s) right, but you canít quite put your finger on what it is that makes them look like the sun was created to shine on them. Allow us to share five sexy secrets

A Personal Medical Device Guaranteed To Zap Pimples  A Personal Medical Device Guaranteed To Zap Pimples

The fight against acne may have just gone twenty-first century with a hand-held, battery-operated device that zaps pimples with a tip that warms to a pre-set temperature and sends heat beneath the surface of the skin to battle blemishes in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. The tip is designed

The Ground Rules for Hot Summer Lips  The Ground Rules for Hot Summer Lips

The color for hot summer lips is definitely coral. This color has long been touted as the only color that looks great on any skin tone, with any eye color and any hair color. Itís the color to choose when youíve been up too late and have dark circles, partied too hard and have sallow, yellowy skin

Acoustic Wave Therapy  Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is a treatment that was created in the 1990s and used by sports medicine doctors, podiatrists and physical therapists to treat athletes to relax muscles, minimize stiff joints and increase blood flow to these areas. AWT was adopted by European technology and consists

How to Substitute Fatty Foods for Health Foods  How to Substitute Fatty Foods for Health Foods

Not all of us have the same metabolism we did as children. As you get older, your body will react differently and as things in life change with the passing years, so will your diet. You donít have to be a nutritionist to know how to eat healthier. Instead of feeling like you have to give up on your

Summer Fruits Make a Splash In The Bath  Summer Fruits Make a Splash In The Bath

Go to the shelves that are stocked with at-home spa treatments and youíll find some variation of every fruit on the planet from fruited bath salts to fruit juice bubble bath, to fruit pectin scrubs, itís all there. Fruits are one of natureís best beauty products. They are rich in vitamins

4 New Hair Styles and Tricks Of Summer  4 New Hair Styles and Tricks Of Summer

While there are only so many ways we can do our hair Ė straight, curly, up or down, there are loads of ways to take each of those and make a fashionista hairdo that will become the rage for the season. Celeb stylists have done just that and then threw in a few of their own tricks that make each style

A Guyís Guide to Looking Great In the Sun  A Guyís Guide to Looking Great In the Sun

Many guys have spent a lifetime in the sun, at the beach and playing outdoor sports without paying attention to what was happening to their skin. If thatís you, there are solutions to your skin and hair care woes. If youíre just beginning your outdoor exposure, take some cues from the guys whoíve

How to Care For Sun Damaged Skin  How to Care For Sun Damaged Skin

Every summer, countless studies and surveys show that lots of us feel that a great tan makes us look better and covers up certain flaws not the least of which is weight gain. Itís no wonder then that so many of us are suffering from sun damage. And many of us are and donít even know it because sun damage

The Six Skin Secrets You Never Knew  The Six Skin Secrets You Never Knew

You spend a lot of time thinking about your skin and you want to know how to better take care of it. So you read labels, you search out products with high SPF factors, you subscribe to beauty magazines and spend time online. You may even spend time talking to your dermatologist, but you may still

The Lip Gloss-Skin Cancer Connection  The Lip Gloss-Skin Cancer Connection

Whatís on your lips right now? Gloss? Balm? Lipstick? Odds are in the last hour or so, youíve applied some kind of lip product. Unless of course youíre reading this late at night in your PJís while watching Conan. Of course, even then youíve probably applied an overnight lip balm in the not-so

How to Make Your Face Rock Your Swimsuit  How to Make Your Face Rock Your Swimsuit

It used to be that if you wore any makeup to the pool or the beach you were looked at as someone who was there just to be seen. It was also impossible for you to enjoy yourself because your makeup was sweating off your face or running down your cheeks as soon as you hit the water. Times have changed

Summer Hair Care Tips  Summer Hair Care Tips

Your skin isnít the only thing you should be taking care of this summer. Sure, protecting your skin from UV rays and premature signs of aging are important, but so is making sure your hair is in tip top shape. From split ends to breakage and maintenance issues, the last thing youíll want is icky hair.

What to Put In Your Shower Toolbox For Great Sun-Soaked Skin And Hair  What to Put In Your Shower Toolbox For Great Sun-Soaked Skin And Hair

Believe it or not, your shower can either boost your sun-drenched skin to help maintain your gorgeous tan or it can strip away all thatís healthy about your skin and cause flaking and drying that will not only wreck your tan, but prevent you from getting a better tan the next time youíre out soaking

The 411 Behind Collagen Fillers  The 411 Behind Collagen Fillers

Collagen fillers were one of the first injectable fillers to be used in anti-aging procedures. This procedure is still highly sought out by many people so if youíve been considering this alternative and what it involves, read on for the details. Knowing more about how the process works will help

Summer Item Must Haves for Men  Summer Item Must Haves for Men

With summer here, women everywhere are already geared up but what about the guys? You donít have to be a fashion or beauty expert to know what must have items just about every man should have. Most of the items are simply common sense but as well all know, sometimes common sense just isnít common

Desserts that are Guilt-Free Ė Frozen Treats  Desserts that are Guilt-Free Ė Frozen Treats

To beat the heat this summer youíll need a helping of desserts that are frozen. However, for dieters, the temptation for scoops of ice cream and popsicle after popsicle can be too great. Luckily, there are now frozen desserts that are both good for the taste buds and your health. Low in fat, these

After-Sun Care for Your Face and Hair  After-Sun Care for Your Face and Hair

While nothing can completely reverse or eliminate sun damage to your skin and hair, there are products that can help care for both after youíve enjoyed a day of soaking in the sun. The key to optimal after-sun care is to know what is depleted from your body and hair and how to replace it. Your skin

Innovative Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients  Innovative Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients

The bad news about our skin: collagen loss is inevitable and happens to both men and women after the age of 25 Ė next to sun damage, this is one of the second cause of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity. The good news is that scientists and cosmetic companies are creating new

Hippie-Chic Looks of the 60ís on Summer í08 Faces  Hippie-Chic Looks of the 60ís on Summer í08 Faces

The Summer of Love is back as, once more, everything old is reborn to become new again. This time, the free spirit of the 60ís seen on runways and at hot spots all over the world is showing up not only in fashion, but on the hippie-chic faces of trendy summer models, vacationers and everyday girls

Dealing with Tanning & Tattoos  Dealing with Tanning & Tattoos

For many people, summertime is about going out and getting sun. Many pale individuals want to shed their winter skin and trade it in for a bronze body. However, if you have a tattoo, the combination between your ink and the sun may not be a good one. Additionally, those hoping to get a new tattoo


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