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The Benefits of Wearing Fragrance  The Benefits of Wearing Fragrance

Most women love wearing fragrance, and many have a number of favorite scents that they can use when the appropriate mood, season and occasion strike. Fragrance can be exotic, playful or fresh, but did you know that it can also be good for you? There are many benefits that you can enjoy simply

Beauty Tips for Restaurant Workers  Beauty Tips for Restaurant Workers

Working day in and out in a restaurant doesn’t only affect your level of tolerance for customers, but your skin as well. There are a number of factors that can damage your complexion if you allow it. Being a food service worker doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. It is totally possible to make

Glycolic Acid – Common Questions and Answers  Glycolic Acid – Common Questions and Answers

Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid made from sugar cane, is a popular and widely used skincare ingredient found in cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers and weekly in-home and dermatologists office treatments. Products usually contain 3-10% of glycolic acid and can provide several

Five Minute Makeovers for your Face  Five Minute Makeovers for your Face

Our rush-rush lives often don’t always make time for luxuries like beauty these days. But who wants to leave home looking less than their best? The solution lies in keeping a few five-minute makeover tricks up your sleeve, to give you a beauty boost on the days when you don’t have the time for your

The Importance of Stretching  The Importance of Stretching

Do you remember to stretch before you begin your workout routine? If you’re not stretching before your workout, you could be putting yourself at risk for a serious injury. Besides avoiding a workout-related injury, stretching can also improve your posture, make you stronger, reduce your

When your Metabolism Slows Down  When your Metabolism Slows Down

If you’re tired all of the time and you’re having difficulty losing weight, you may be experiencing a slow metabolism. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down. You may find that you lack the energy to do a lot of the things you once enjoyed and you are beginning to gain weight. If you’re

How Chromotherapy can Work for You  How Chromotherapy can Work for You

What is your favorite color? Sunshine yellow or shocking pink? How about tranquil turquoise or majestic purple? It turns out that color can do more for you than simply make you feel good. Some believe that chromotherapy can help to balance the body and achieve maximum health, harmony and wellness

Haircuts That Slim You  Haircuts That Slim You

Most of us already know that a great haircut can play up a great face or even minimize our not so great facial features. But, did you know that a great haircut can also make you look slimmer? If you’re wearing the wrong haircut, you could be giving the appearance that you’re heavier than you really

The Acupuncture Facelift  The Acupuncture Facelift

The ancient practice of acupuncture has been around forever. Many turn to this procedure as a means of relaxation and rejuvenation. But what does acupuncture have to do with getting a facelift? In the effort to find the “next best thing” in anti-aging, the concept of the “acupuncture facelift”

The Best Makeup Colors for African American Women  The Best Makeup Colors for African American Women

Don’t you just love a fall makeup preview that is filled with rich hues and dramatic colors for the season? The good news is this year that you can find some beautiful colors to wear in your cosmetics this year, no matter what your skin tone is. Even African American women, who have faced challenges

Relaxing Naturally Curly Hair  Relaxing Naturally Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair then you’ve probably envied the girls with beautiful relaxed curls and straight hair at one time or another in your life. Whether it was because you were bored with your naturally curly hair or you were tired of the bad frizzy hair days, you still desired those

Working Out For Your Shape  Working Out For Your Shape

We’ve all said something like, “I want her body” at one time or another. While it may be a fantastic thought, it’s not going to happen. Every one of us has a different body shape, so while your body maybe a pear shape, your dream body may have an hourglass shape. While we might not like our body shape

Getting Braces as an Adult  Getting Braces as an Adult

Wearing braces as a child used to be a fun endeavor, with some kids eagerly asking for braces in order to sport cool colors. As a teenager, wearing traditional metal braces or - even worse - headgear made for awkward years and the ultimate countdown for the day the braces come off. But if you are

How to Enjoy Fatty Foods without Feeling Fat  How to Enjoy Fatty Foods without Feeling Fat

We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy some fatty foods once in a while. Even the best health nut has their own favorites when it comes to treats and snacks. Unfortunately, our fascination with such food can lead to health problems, heart conditions, and weight issues. Instead of being

Additional Beauty Must-Haves  Additional Beauty Must-Haves

So you already have a good daytime sunscreen and nighttime moisturizer and finally found the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. You want to keep your hair and skincare routine simple but are curious to try some new products or add a few more to your routine. In addition to a regular

Give Yourself a Home Body Wrap  Give Yourself a Home Body Wrap

Body wraps have become a popular spa treatment in recent years. The purpose of a body wrap is to tone and tighten your skin while you detoxify your body and improve your circulation overall. While you can head to the spa for your body wrap treatment, it is much more economical and convenient

Update your Makeup Bag for Fall  Update your Makeup Bag for Fall

Just like you wouldn’t dream of wearing white shorts after Labor Day, we must bid farewell to our favorite summer makeup shades to make room for the new fall trends. And just like the wardrobe choices of the season, fall’s makeup will consist of deeper, richer hues to make your face match your

That Nasty Little Bug Called Head Lice  That Nasty Little Bug Called Head Lice

Your child is sent home from school because he has head lice. Now what do you do? Having head lice really isn’t an uncommon problem and it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world either. Many people assume that if you or your child have head lice, you’re poor and do not keep very healthy hygiene habits.

Men and Plastic Surgery  Men and Plastic Surgery

Whoever said men weren’t self-conscious? Within the past few years, there has been a steady rise in the numbers of male patients seeking plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. You may be surprised to see the different concerns men have when it comes to their appearance. Find out what procedures

The Most Common Germs You’ll Find in Your Kitchen  The Most Common Germs You’ll Find in Your Kitchen

No matter how often you scrub, spray, wipe and clean your kitchen counters, cabinets and refrigerator, germs are always present. While some germs serve a good purpose, there are those that can be hazardous to your health if left alone. Learning which ones to be on the lookout for can help you

How to Keep Your Hair Care from Mixing with Your Skin Care  How to Keep Your Hair Care from Mixing with Your Skin Care

Who doesn’t want to have great hair and a great complexion? For some women, it’s easier said than done. Many times the hair care products you use can have a negative effect on your skin, causing rashes and breakouts. Even the cutest hairstyle can wreak havoc on your face, making your skin care

Makeup for Your Pet  Makeup for Your Pet

Pets have always been a natural member of the family. For years, pet owners have gone above and beyond when it comes to their dogs, cats, and other types of animals. Even celebrities have spent millions on special clothes, jewelry, accessories, and anything else they could think of. Now another

The Traveling Band  The Traveling Band

You know what they say about the best-laid plans? You really did plan to get to the gym when you where on vacation, but you never managed to get around to it. What if we told you that it is possible to get a pretty good workout in the privacy of your hotel room? To sweeten the deal, this workout would

Your Nail`s Health  Your Nail`s Health

If your nails are fragile and weak, maybe you’re being too hard on them or maybe they’re just missing something. Believe it or not, what you do and what you eat can actually affect the health of your nails. If you want healthy nails, now is the time to get those nails back into tiptop shape. Want

Products to Bring the Spa Home  Products to Bring the Spa Home

Who doesn’t like to spend a day at the spa? Who has the money to indulge in this luxury on a regular basis? For those of us who can’t afford to hit the spa treatments as often as we would like, there is a solution. With a few key products in stock, your own bathroom can evolve into the spa experience

Streamline your Beauty Routine  Streamline your Beauty Routine

When you consider the number of skin care products that you will need to properly cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate, it can begin to overwhelm the mind as well as the pocketbook. One way that you can conserve space in your bathroom cabinet is by finding items that will provide two or more

Mole Removal  Mole Removal

Moles are sometimes referred to as “beauty marks” and while some wear them well - think Cindy Crawford - there are others who find their moles ugly, unsightly and just plain horrendous. There are various types of moles that can appear anywhere on the body or face, from cute, tiny moles, to the

Fall 2007 Hair Trends and Fashion  Fall 2007 Hair Trends and Fashion

When we start feeling the chilly autumn nights it`s time to tweak your summer hairstyle. The summer’s ravaging sun no doubt has taken its toll on your hair color. Fall 2007 is approaching along with a new look for hair colors, lengths, styles and accessories. Some trends seen recently include:

Fitness Fun at the Pool  Fitness Fun at the Pool

Now that summer is here, it’s going to get even hotter while you are working out. Why not cool off with a workout in the pool instead? No, we’re not talking about just swimming laps around deep end of the pool. Believe it or not, you can also get a great workout using the shallow end of the pool.

Gwen Stefani - Get the Look  Gwen Stefani - Get the Look

It isn’t just Gwen Stefani’s choice in makeup that has fans turning heads though. She has also been known for her unique choices in hairstyles, as well. Although she is a natural brunette, Gwen Stefani has been a platinum blonde since the 9th grade. While this look maybe suitable for her


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