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Facial Tape - A Celebrity Secret

Facial Tape - A Celebrity SecretWhy is it that some celebrities you see look flawless and wrinkle-free in front of the camera one moment and all natural the next? Simple. Itís a little secret known as facial tape. For years, celebrities have been using facial tape as a quick fix to hide wrinkles before stepping out in front of the camera. Since then, facial tape has been slowly coming out into the spotlight as a quick fix for wrinkles through infomercials and advertisements, and now spas. Want to know more? So did we.


If youíve ever seen the infomercials or advertisements for facial tape, youíre probably wondering is it really worth it? Probably not if you donít have a way of hiding it. Hereís what those infomercial and advertisements generally consist of:


   Anchors that connect to elastic strings that are suppose to be hidden by the centerline of your head.

   Adhesive tape that is attached to the elastic string and is designed to pull the skin back by adhering to the skin along the hairline.


Once this is accomplished, he skin will be pulled back and your wrinkles will seem to disappear. The big problem with this method however, is that you must have a lot of hair in order for the anchor and the adhesive tape to remain hidden. The other problem with this method is that it can become very uncomfortable to wear. So, unless you have a tremendous amount of hair and donít mind being uncomfortable, youíre better off avoiding this facial tape method.


If the thought of facial tape from an infomercial or advertisement has you running, you may want to try facial tape from a spa instead. Having your wrinkles pulled back using a spa is one of the hottest methods used by celebrities, today. When a spa uses facial tape they generally:


   Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, giving your face a fresh new start.

   A Spa specialist will have you lie down while he or she positions the facial tape onto your skin.

   The spa specialist will then use the facial tape to pull back any sagging wrinkles, pull the nose back towards the ears, push the jaw back towards the cheeks, pull the eyebrows up and smooth out any wrinkles around the mouth and forehead.

   The facial tape will then be removed and the taping method will be repeated 3 times before wet bandages are applied to the skin.


The only downfall to this facial tape method is that you may need to have it done more than once to get the results you want. Also, if you use facial tape too much, your skin can become very irritated from it.


So does facial tape really work? Some celebrities seem to think so. If youíre in doubt, you may want to take a before and after photo to see if the facial tape will work on your wrinkles. Just remember that while facial tape may give you a quick fix, it is not a permanent one. If youíre looking for a permanent way of removing wrinkles, youíre better off consulting in a dermatologist.


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