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Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrow LossIt is estimated that three million people every year face eyebrow hair loss. Obviously, eyebrows help to define the face, so noticeable hair loss would only be a detriment. Is it possible to re-grow eyebrow hair? For starters, the cause of eyebrow hair loss is not solely limited to excessive use of eyebrow scissors and makeup. Usually, autoimmune diseases are responsible. One of the major players in eyebrow hair loss is a disease called Alopecia, which also affects the scalp and other hairy areas.


Alopecia contributes to the loss of eyebrow hair by configuring the immune system to believe that any hair follicle is bacteria. The autoimmune characteristics of the body naturally defend against this and try to protect against this “bacteria” by attacking it at the source. Usually, the cause of eyebrow loss is mostly limited to Alopecia, so people shouldn’t worry about eyebrow loss if it is Alopecia.


If Alopecia is causing eyebrow loss, it will take plenty of time for it to grow back again. Luckily, stem cells in your hair follicles have the ability to grow since your white blood cells do not have any role in attacking them. After new cells have formed, your hair should continue to grow. If you’re certain Alopecia is not the culprit for your eyebrow hair loss, it could simply be from stress or a lack of nutrients in your diet. Eyebrow hair loss can be offset by eating well balanced meals and reducing any stressful activity. In the cause of eyebrow loss, it is always important to consult a doctor as the remote possibility of it being serious stands.


In many instances, eyebrow loss might not be eyebrow loss at all. Simply, it takes a while for eyebrows to grow which may simulate the appearance of eyebrow loss. It largely depends on how you remove the hair. Plucked eyebrows usually take up to two months to grow back fully. Waxing your eyebrows takes up the same timeframe, but is more noticeable after a month. Shaving your eyebrows is the quickest way for them to grow back again, with only a couple of days wait.


Finally, many people may wonder: are there products out there for eyebrow growth? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of medications and creams out there that work the way they claim. Hair goes through growth cycles, which means all of your hair will fall out and be replaced without you noticing. Hair in various portions of your body, like the eyebrows, will always stop at certain lengths. Therefore, we cannot control how fast our eyebrows can grow. One fact stands: winter usually stimulates more hair growth than the summer months, but no product can claim to make it grow better or faster.


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