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Beauty Company Inspired By Classic Comic

Updated Feb 3, 2013

The long running comic collection Archie is the latest inspiration for a beauty line from MAC Cosmetics. According to reports, the beauty company has partnered with the comic company to create a line that reflects the personalities of both Betty and Veronica.


Archie CEO John Goldwater said of the pairing, “It`s going to bring us back into the consciousness of so many people who aren`t necessarily comic book fans or graphic novel fans. MAC is known as the arbiters of modern, of cool, of hip - for us to be able to partner with them is an honor.” The Betty collection contains pink and peach, while Veronica’s side uses red and purple. Both sets contain lipsticks, eyeliners, lip gloss and accessories.


This is not the first time MAC has used pop culture figures to create makeup. In the past the company has been inspired by Wonder Woman and Barbie.


Written by the CareFair.com Editorial Team.

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