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 Acanthosis Nigricans
 Generally found in the groin and the arm and associated with overweight people. The cause of the condition is not known. People suffering from it have higher insulin levels. Treatment may be needed for the core problem that results in skin changes.
 It is a brand under the generic medication Isotretinoin. It is used to treat severe forms of acne. In the US it is available in 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 40mg capsules.
 Acetone is also known by the name of dimethyl ketone, propanone and propan-2-one. It is a colorless and flammable liquid. It is the main component in nail polish remover.
 Acne is also known as zits, spots and pimples. It is a disease of the skin and is caused by changes in the pilosebaceous units. The exact cause of acne is not known. Several factors known to be linked to acne are stress, anabolic steroids, and bacteria in the pores.
 Acrochordons (Skin Tags)
 These are soft and harmless lesions that develop on the neck, armpit and groin. They are usually skin colored or may be darker and range in size from 1mm to 5cm, the exact cause is unknown but it is thought to be related with obesity and age. No treatment is generally required but they can be surgically removed.
 Acrylic Nails
 Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are attached to the original nail. These are prepared by mixing a particular type of liquid and powder. EMA is used to make such nails. Acrylic nails that contain EMA do not cause any harm.
 Actinic Keratosis
 It is a premalignant condition of thick, scaly or crusty patches of skin. It is a commonly found condition in fair skinned people who are exposed to a lot of sun as their pigment is not protective. It also results in solar damage.
 Acupuncture includes a group of procedures that are part of medical traditions in China, Japan, Korea and other cultures. The acupuncture technique most familiar in US practice is the penetration of the skin with thin, solid, metallic needs that are then manipulated, heated, or stimulated electrically.
 Acupuncture includes a group of procedures that are part of medical traditions in China, Japan, Korea and other cultures. The acupuncture technique most familiar in US practice is the penetration of the skin with thin, solid, metallic needs that are then manipulated, heated, or stimulated electrically.
 After Shave
 After shave refers to any lotion, gel or liquid containing either an antiseptic such as alcohol to numb skin and prevent infection of skin cuts or abrasion, or a moisturizer to smooth skin, or perfume for a pleasant scent - or all three. As the name implies, an after-shave is aimed for use by men after shaving.
 Age Spots
 Liver spots or age spots are blemishes on the skin. The increased pigmentation is a result of UV rays of the sun and other unknown causes. It is generally located in areas like hands, forehead and arm. No treatment is required in most cases except for concerns relating to cosmetic appearance.
 Allergic Contact Dermaititis
 It occurs when the skin gets in contact with allergens to which the skin is sensitive. On coming in contact with the allergens the skin swells, turns red and itching may be seen within 48 hours.
 Allergy Tests
 It includes skin test and blood tests that are performed to find out as to what substance or allergens are causing the allergic reaction. Skin tests are generally cheaper than blood tests.
 AlloDerm is a collagen sheet made from donated skin. If you’re considering having your lips plumped, your cosmetic surgeon may suggest you consider an AlloDerm graft.
 Alopecia Areata (Hair Loss)
 In this condition there is a sudden loss of hair in round patches. The hair growing tissues of the patients are attacked by the patients own immune system. The immune system treats the hair follicles as foreign and attacks them. The hair is attacked by T-lymphocytes (White blood cells) as a result of which the hair enters the resting phase.
 Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA)
 It is a common ingredient in cosmetic products that are meant to reduce wrinkles and signs of advancing age. They are also used in home kits and health spas.
 Anal Warts
 Anal warts, also known as condyloma are growths which are caused by the human pappilloma virus and are generally found on the skin around the anus, inside the anal canal or in the lower rectum.
 Androgenic Alopecia (Hair Loss)
 It is a form of hair loss common in both men and women. The hair loss is in a specific pattern and it is caused because of the sensitivity of hair growing tissues to the hormones. The hair starts to thin and hair loss is seen at the crown or hairline.
 Androgenic Hair
 Androgenic Hair are caused due to increasing levels of androgens in males as a result the vellus hair transform into terminal hair. Different areas on the body react differently to the sensitivities.
 Angioma is made up of small blood vessels. These are found either at or near the surface of the skin. They can emerge anywhere on the body and are not dangerous. The exact cause for the condition is not known and its removal is generally done for cosmetic purposes.
 Anti Aging
 It is the process which involves the use of creams, lotions, therapies that slow the aging process. The increasing focus on young looks has given rise to the term anti aging.
 Anti Inflammatory
 It refers to the ability of a material or treatment to reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatory drugs comprise of half of analgesics remedying pain by reducing inflammation.
 These are chemical compounds which combine with free oxygen radicals and prevent these radicals from harming the healthy cells. They are helpful in case of cancer and improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Fruits and vegetables are found to be rich in anti oxidants and reduce the risk of cancer.
 Antiseptic Lotion
 These products have ingredients that prevent the reproduction and growth of micro-organism that cause diseases. Some forms of antiseptics are iodine, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.
 Aphthous Ucers
 It is a painful ulcer of the mouth. It is caused by a break in the mucous membrane. It begins as a burning and tingling at the place of the of the mouth ulcer and in a few days develops into a bump or red spot.
 Aromatherapy is used to designate use of the chemical properties that are the basis for therapeutic uses of natural plant, flower, root, or seed oils. These natural essences can be rubbed on the patient’s skin, or the patient may drink it as a tea or tisane.
 Artificial Nails
 They are fake nails that are attached to the nails and look real. While using artificial nails there is always a fear of a nail lifts off. In case water gets trapped between the artificial original nail than there is a chance of fungus.
 Ashwagandha (scientific name Withania somnifera) is used in cosmetics and hair care because it relaxes blood vessels and stimulates circulation. It also is said to act as a mild sedative, with anti-inflammatory properties.
 These are chemical substances that tend to constrict or shrink body tissues generally after topical medicinal application. They are found in fruits like bird cherry and blackthorn.
 Athlete`s Foot
 Athlete`s foot or tinea pedis is a fungal infection of the skin which occurs between the toes and is caused by parasitic fungi. It is a common continual infection of the foot which is caused by a microscopic fungus which thrives on dead tissues of hair, toe nail and outer skin.
 Atopic Dermatitis
 It is an inflammation of the skin which results in dryness, heat, flakiness and itching. A number of factors can result in Eczema and only a small area of the skin may be affected but it can affect any part of the body.
 Atypical Moles
 It is a skin disorder which is characterized by the presence of many moles like tumors. The size, location and coloring of these moles vary and they are larger as compared to normal moles and have irregular borders. Atypical moles may be caused due to genetic reasons.
 Autologen is a collagen injection, when the material has been harvested from your own skin and processed into a liquid form. Autologen injections to plump lips and erase wrinkles represent lower-risk alternative to bovine collagen.
 It is an ancient Hindu science that deals with medicine and health. It involves the use of various herbs to cure ailments. Ayurveda provides guidance regarding lifestyle and food. The recommendation will differ from one person to another as to what kind of lifestyle to follow in order to lead a healthy life.

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