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 Barnacles Of Aging
 Barnacles of aging are benign plaques and range from brown to beige or even black. They are 3 to 20 mm in diameter and have warty or velvety surface. It appears as if they have been pasted or stuck onto the skin. They look like brown wax on the skin.
 Basal Cell Carcinoma
 Basal cell carcinoma is a kind of cancer of the skin. It is caused by damage to the skin by the sun. This cancer arises in the basal cells. The basal cells are at the bottom of the outer skin or the epidermis.
 Bateman`s Purpura
 These are flat, irregular, purple lesions which appear on the skin as one gets older. They normally occur on the back of the hands and the forearms. The skin tends to appear thin and wrinkly and almost look flimsy. They are not dangerous.
 Beard Scissors
 Beard scissors have been designed to keep facial hair trimmed. A good pair of beard scissors will have straight, sharp blades with rounded tips to give you the safest cut possible.
 Berloque Dermatitis
 It is a condition in which reddish to discoloration of the neck appears and may extend to the arms. It can be attributed to the use of perfume or cologne. Generally found in women, it can occur to anyone who uses fragrance. The condition remains for years and in some cases may even be permanent
 Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA)
 These acids chiefly works as an exfoliant. The only beta hydroxy acid is salicylic acid. They help to reduce roughness, wrinkles and pigmentation.
 Blackheads or open comedones that have a wider opening than normal follicles openings. These are full of sloughed off cells and plugs of sebum. They get their black color as a result of the oxidation process of the melanin.
 Blusher is one of a number of cosmetics that will pigment your face so that you look attractively flushed. You can choose a liquid, cream, or powder to get that rosy glow.
 Body Painting
 Body painting is a form of body art that, unlike tattoos, is temporary. Contemporary body paints are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and can be washed off with ease. Body paints can be applied by hand, with a paint brush or sea sponge, or by airbrush.
 Body Scrubs
 Body scrubs will clean off dead skin cells from skin that’s dry, scaly or flaking. Most contain exfoliators (ground almonds, sea salt, or wheat bran), carrier oils (almond, grape-seed, or hazelnut oil), and an essential oil for fragrance and healing.
 Body Spray
 Body spray describes fragrance that is marketed to men and women. Not as concentrated as eau de parfum or eau de toilette, you can use body spray seasonally either as a summer scent, or as the basis for other fragrances when you feel comfortable layering scents.
 Body Washes
 Body wash offers you just a bit cleaner clean than soap. Body washes are carefully formulated cosmetics for you to use in your shower or bath, to keep your skin clean, soft, and fragrant.
 Furuncles or boils is caused by inflammation of hair follicles leading to accumulation of dead tissues and pus. It is caused by bacteria when the hair ingrow in the follicles. It is infectious and spreads from one hair to another. a cluster of boils is known as carbuncles.
 Brazilian is a radical form of control over female pubic hair. Rather than merely have one’s bikini area trimmed, one can have a ‘Brazilian’ which will leave either a narrow strip or sculpted tuft of hair.
 Brittle Nails
 It is a condition in which the nails become fragile and frequently break. It can be due to a nutritional disorder, iron deficiency or anemia. Reducing the use of nail polish and taking vitamins can help solve the problem of brittle nails.
 Bronzers is to the outdoors, sun-loving, healthy look, what blush is for the coy. A bronzer can be any one of a number of cosmetics that will pigment your face so that you look freshly tanned. Choose a liquid, cream, or powder.
 Bullous Pemphigoid
 It is an autoimmune disease in which blisters are formed under the surface of the skin. The blisters range from mild itchy welts to severe. It can occur in any part of the body but more likely to occur in areas like groin and armpit. Its exact cause is not known and neither is it contagious.

Tips, trends, and more. Sign up for the CareFair.com Newsletter
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