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 Hair Keratin
 It is a type of keratin that is found in the nails and hair. Keratin is the chief component of the hair and nails. Two types of keratin are basic type II hair keratin and acid type I hair keratin
 Hair Straightening
 Hair straightening is generally advised in case of curly hair. Various hair straightening options include temporary straightening, non-toxic relaxing method, relaxing hair with chemicals and chemical Straightening.
 Body hair is a sign of men’s and women’s sexual maturity. Hairlessness in men is most typically a genetically-linked form of baldness; men with characteristic hormonal imbalances will not grow underarm hair or beards as secondary sexual characteristics.
 Halo Nevus
 It is a mole with a white ring or halo around it. The mole is in brown or pink color and is surrounded by an area of white or light skin. Halo Nevus occurs when the immune cells attack a mole for unknown reasons.
 Hemlock has an amazing capacity to absorb skin oil. For this reason, it - along with sulfur, and pine oil - are frequently added to other ingredients in cleansing bars.
 Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a shrub that grows in Africa and Asia. Its leaves (dried and ground) are used either to make a colorfast brown dye that can decorate your skin, or a green paste to condition your hair.
 Herpes Simplex
 It is a viral infection of the skin which can occur repeatedly. It happens because when the immune system clears the virus, it hides in the nerves and is therefore never completely removed from the body.
 Herpes Zoster
 It is a viral infection which is caused by the same virus that results in chicken pox. The virus remains inactive in certain nerve cells of the body and when it becomes active again it causes zoster. It results in itching, burning, tingling or sensitivity in one area of the skin and is limited to one side of the body
 Hidradenitis Suppurativa
 It is an inflammatory skin disease which characterized by a recurrent boil like lumps which conclude in pus like discharge. The condition generally affects apocrine sweat gland bearing skin such as the groin, under the breasts and underarms. The cause of this disease remains unknown
 Hives or Urticaria are pink or red bumps or raised patches of skin that at times have a pale center. Hives generally cause itch but they can sting and burn. These can occur on anyplace on the body and vary in shape and size. The size of hives can vary from small to large.
 Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine, that calls to treat illness with dilute forms of agents which - in undiluted doses - produce similar symptoms in healthy individuals. This is the "law of similars". Homeopathy is more popular in Europe and India, than in the US.
 They carry message from the glands to cells to retain chemical levels in the bloodstream that attain homeostasis. The actions of hormones vary widely and range from inhibiting or stimulating growth, inhibition or activation of the immune system. Amine-derived hormones, Peptide hormones, Steroid hormones are a few kind of hormones.
 Hot Stone Massage
 Hot stone massage is a technique that takes advantage of basalt - a black, volcanic rock - pebbles’ heat-retaining properties to help soothe and relax you.
 It is a condition that involves more than normal perspiration. It may lead to a reduction in quality of life. The increased perspiration does not depend on the emotional state or temperature but anxiety may worsen the situation for the patient.
 It involves causing less allergy to allergy sufferers. Cosmetic manufacturers are increasingly producing hypoallergenic cosmetics for users with hypersensitive skin or even people with normal skin.
 It is a condition in which the skin loses its color and becomes whiter. There is a loss of melanin to the patient. The body may not be able to produce and distribute melanin because of genetic reasons.

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