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 It is a type of a rare genetic skin disease. It results in mild to annoying to severe dryness with scales and flakes that become disfiguring. It is a genetic disease which is inherited from one’s parent. This condition worsens in cold dry climate. There is no cure for Ichthyosis.
 It is a type of a skin infection which is caused by bacteria. It is most commonly found in children and is considered to be contagious. It results in round, oozing, crusted spots which grow larger day by day.
 Ingrown Hair
 It is a condition in which the hair either grows in the follicles or curls back. It can occur anywhere but is generally found in areas where the skin is shaved. Itching skin and rash are signs of ingrown hair.
 It is an inflammation of the body folds. This disease affects the armpits, belly or inner thighs and underside of the breasts. The affected area looks red and raw. It might itch, ooze or get sore.
 Ionic Hair Dryers
 Manufacturers claim that ionic hair drivers will bath your locks in negative ions, which attach to positively charged wet hair, and lock its moisture in. Users enthuse that they work faster than conventional dryers, and leave a great shine.
 Intense pulsed light is generally used by beauticians to remove hair from the body. Focusing optics and Xenon flash lamps that are specially constructed are used for the purpose. IPL is made use of incase of sun damage.

Tips, trends, and more. Sign up for the CareFair.com Newsletter
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