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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Each Eye Shape

eye makeup The eyes have been the source of fascination more than other facial features, from inspiring poems and songs to becoming a person’s trademark. Each eye shape is unique and therefore when women apply eye makeup they should consider factors such as application and appropriate colors to enhance their individual beauty. Some eye shapes and tips for applying eye makeup include:


·    Almond-shaped – considered the classic eye shape and therefore can experiment with various eye makeup looks (winged eyeliner, false lashes, bright colors, etc.).

·    Deep-set – eyes appear “pushed” into the sockets and brow bone is slightly prominent.    The goal is to bring the eyes “forward”. To achieve this effect, apply a light to medium eye shadow from lid to brow bone, eye liner to upper lids and mascara on upper lashes only.

·    Convex – also called bulging or round eyes. Apply a soft, matte eye shadow in a neutral color on the lid only. Softly line upper and lower lids with an eyeliner pencil and apply 1-2 light coats of mascara to upper lashes.

·    Hooded – eyelids are not visible and can create a “sleepy-eyed” look. The goal is to “open up” the eye and create an eyelid. Apply a matte, neutral eye shadow on the inner half of the eyelid and a slightly darker contour color close to, but not on, the outer edges. Be careful to avoid using a very dark color – this will only make the lid look heavier. Also, avoid applying the darker color on the very edges of upper and lower eyes. This is considered a “negative spot” when applying eye shadow on hooded lids. Slight lift the darker color upward and keep the line as clean as possible. Curl upper lashes and apply 1-2 coats of mascara to upper lashes only. Avoid shimmery or bright colors and too light colors on the brow bone.

·    Closed-set – the goal is to visually “space apart” eyes. Apply the lightest color shadow to inner lids, medium color to middle of lids and the contour color on the outer edges of upper lids. For more visual impact use a lighter color mascara on inner lashes and slightly darker mascara on outer lashes, thickening the coat on the outer lashes (i.e. brown on inner lashes, soft black on outer lashes) and slightly shorten the inner eyebrows.

·    Wide-set – the goal is to bring eyes “closer” together. Apply a medium colored shadow on inner eyelids and a slightly lighter color on outer upper eyelids. Apply a slight amount of highlighting color under the eyebrow arch and slightly more eyeliner on inner eyelids. When applying mascara, use more right before the outer edges of the lashes and lashes should point straight up.    Slightly shorten the outer tips of eyebrows.

·    Asian eyes – can use three colors in a “layering” effect when applying shadow. Apply contour shadow closest to eyelashes, medium color on lids and lightest color on browbones. Avoid creating a “fake” crease or lining eyes all around – apply eyeliner to upper lids only and avoid winged looks.


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