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How to Get a Body Like LL Cool J

How to Get a Body Like LL Cool JLove him or hate him, you canít deny that LL Cool J has one of the hottest bodies around - and he just turned 40! Luckily, LL has finally made his fitness and diet secrets public so now you can benefit from his special tricks of the trade. Read on to see what helped LL Cool J maintain his hottie status over the decades.


In addition to his lyrical skills and gorgeous dimples, hip hop rapper and Hollywood actor LL Cool J dotes on his perfect body. Surprisingly, heís one celebrity who got his muscles and definition the old fashioned way: through hard work, exercise and a good diet. If youíre the type of person who wants to age gracefully without going under the knife or going from one fad diet to the next, you can follow in LLís footsteps.


When it comes to getting built, food plays just as big of a role as the actual workouts you do. LL educated himself about the importance of eating the right foods and how to maintain a healthy daily diet. The first step of advice from LL is to thoroughly go through your kitchen and toss out all the junk and replace it with healthier items. So start stocking up on the following food items: whole-grains, fiber, lean meats, oatmeal, salads, wraps, fish, omelets and avoid sugar. Only by eating right can your workout continue to benefit your body and not work against your efforts. LL got further education by working with a good dietician who taught him which types of fats, proteins and carbs were healthy to consume on a daily basis, as well as which ones to avoid. LL also practices eating six meals a day to keep his metabolism working by constantly burning calories and preventing him from overeating in one sitting. By learning how to decrease his calories and carbs and increase his protein for fat loss, LL Cool J has been able to attack his workouts without losing any energy.


The one thing LL Cool J recognizes is that getting in good shape takes work. He pushes himself harder than most - heís known for heading straight from a concert performance and into the nearest gym (often at one in the morning) to squeeze in workouts heís missed by touring from city to city. However, that doesnít mean youíll have to be as fanatical - just smart about the types of exercises you want to do and how to maintain a good routine. LL stresses the importance of targeting the right areas. His favorite workouts include: circuit exercises that target the entire body (rows, chest press, leg press), cardio (running, swimming, bicycling, aerobics), free weights, barbell squats, pushups, dips, jumping rope and a score of others that make for an intense workout.


LLís best piece of advice to anyone seeking a better physical workout is to get the assistance of a professional personal trainer and dietician who can help you create a detailed diet and exercise regimen to help you set and reach your target goals.


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