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USA Today, usatoday.com Sep 13, 2006

usatoday"...in searching around for shampoo alternatives I did discover a variety of dry shampoos. Carefair.com, a beauty website collecting signatures for a petition against the TSA`s no-liquids ban, suggests dry shampoos such as Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder"

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The Baltimore Sun Aug 27, 2006
baltimore sun
"Experts at carefair.com, a new online beauty forum, suggest reducing your caffeine intake before a flight. Beverages such as coffee, tea and soda can be too dehydrating. Instead, drink plenty of water beforehand (since you can`t take it on the plane) and snack on fruits with high water content such as berries and mango".
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Fresno Bee Aug 24, 2006
Nathalie Tenne, founder of the Web site www.carefair.com, says this makes it difficult for beauty-conscious passengers to feel good about the way they look, particularly after a long flight.

By planning ahead and using alternatives to their regular hygiene products, Tenne says, people can deplane looking refreshed.

"We`re not showing you how to smuggle the products into the airport," she says. "We`re showing you the alternatives."

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution, ajc.com Aug 23, 2006
"...Carefair.com, an online resource of beauty information. So coming up with makeup alternatives shouldn`t be that hard, she said.

With lotions and cream off- limits, Tenne advises applying heavy-duty moisturizer before boarding long flights, which can leave skin feeling dry and dehydrated. And if you can`t live without thick lashes, Tenne said consider false ones.

For germophobes who shudder at the thought of flying sans sanitizer, she suggests packing cleansing towelettes to use on face and hands. Also, men who need an in-flight shave can use shaving powders instead of creams or lotions and pre-dampened towelettes instead of liquid after-shave — along with an electric razor, of course."

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El Paso Times Aug 21, 2006
El Paso Times
"Because of recent events in the war on terror, you no longer may take gels and liquids on planes in carry-on luggage.

This includes items such as toothpaste, perfume, shampoo and even lip gloss.

So what`s a beauty-conscious traveler supposed to do?

Carefair.com, a new online beauty community, has the following tips..."
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Detroit Free Press Aug 19, 2006
Detroit Free Press
" No lip gloss, shampoo or perfume in your carry-on? What`s a beauty-conscious traveler to do? Carefair.com, an online beauty site, offers these tips for making the most of the recent changes in airport policies for carry-on luggage..."
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The Clarion Ledger Aug 18, 2006

Clarion Ledger"...The online beauty community Carefair.com suggests buying powder shampoo, conditioner and perfume such as Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder and Victoria`s Secret Heavenly Silkening Body Powder. "


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Elle Canada, ellecanada.com Aug 16, 2006

elle canada"For every beauty-conscious traveller, it`s a well-known fact that drinking plenty of Perrier and taking your trusty La Mer moisturizer on the airplane is key to looking fresh and beautiful, even after a 10-hour flight. But what else is there to consider? Say you find yourself sitting next to a David Beckam lookalike. Are you paparazzi-perfect? Nathalie Tenne, founder of www.carefair.com, an online beauty news and networking site, shares her top tips for stocking your carry-on bag. Learn how to look as good on arrival as you did during take-off!"

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Post-Gazette.com Aug 16, 2006

Post Gazzete"It`s one thing to chuck $2 toothpaste, and it`s quite another to throw out $25 shampoo or $75 perfume. To get around the new restrictions on carrying on cosmetics, a new online beauty site, Carefair.com, advises beauty-conscious customers to use dry powder-based shampoo (i.e. Hair Fix or Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder) and perfume powders (i.e. Victoria`s Secret Heavenly Silkening Body Powder or Jessica Simpson`s Powdered Sugar Deliciously Kissable Body Shimmer)".

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