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No! No! Hair Removal System by No! No!
No! No! Hair Removal System 
Price: $250

You’ve been scraped, pulled, plucked, and tweezed. You been slathered with smelly cream and lotions. And the bottom line? In a few days, you have had to repeat the process! Not good news for your tender skin!

Now there is the No!No! If you are thinking “Oh!No!”, well you can stop. Finally there is a gentle way to remove hair, without torture. Based on the thermicom effect - and for those who have never heard of the thermicom effect – a gentle pulse of heat to the hair will remove it.

The best thing about the No!No! besides the fact that it actually works, is that you can permanently remove hair over the course of some weeks in the comfort of your home. You honestly will not feel any pain or have a big mess to clean up afterwards. (You’ll just feel some heat.) It looks like an ipod, and comes with six blades. You will notice the smell of singed hair. While this isn’t the most pleasant of scents, it is not something that will make you run screaming form the room.

It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but all in all it is easy to use. It cannot be used on the face, chest, or genital areas, but it certainly produces good results on the legs and arms. This home-electrolysis system gives you the convenience of treatment on your own schedule. For optimum effectiveness, you need to use it 2 or 3 times a week. Like many products, the key depends on consistency in usage.

This product has safety in mind. If you keep it on one spot too long, it will automatically turn off. The company also provides an excellent DVD so that you’ll know exactly what you are doing.

The bottom line: Say No!No! to hair and No!No! to pain! Say Yes!Yes! to the No!No!

Can be bought at: Sephora or online at www.my-no-no.com

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