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Vinegar Beauty Secrets

Vinegar Beauty Secrets

Vinegar does more than add zest to your favorite salads and soften your vegetables as they sauté. Vinegar can easily be utilized in a variety of beauty solutions for overall body care. Vinegar is said to have been prescribed by Hippocrates as a respiratory drug , because it helps to clear out 

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Fresh Ideas for Your Mouth

Fresh Ideas for Your Mouth

Everyone is interested in keeping their mouth fresh, but it can sometimes be hard to find solutions that are not too sugary. There are many ways to keep your mouth looking and feeling fresh naturally. Be aware that many of the natural alternatives taste more bitter than their sugar filled

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12 Natural Ways to Supplement Oily Skin

Oily skin is a problem that rears it ugly head on your face in many ways, often with acne and a shiny, greasy appearance. If you have not had results with over the counter treatments for oily skin, and feel many of them are too harsh

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