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Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

More and more celebrities are choosing to go under the knife. The term "celebrity plastic surgery" has been one of the most popular search terms on the web in past years. It`s not easy being a celebrity, plastic surgery is becoming more and more of a necessity to keep up with their careers.

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Oil Free Cosmetics

Oil Free Cosmetics

The rule stands: the best types of cosmetics to use for acne skin are oil free cosmetics. Oil free cosmetics are defined by the scientific community as those that have little or no fatty acids. Always check with the product label to see if it is oil free. Remember, makeup that has oil is very capable

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Identify Your Skin Type

Identify Your Skin Type

There are five basic types of skin. Each skin type has particular products designed to benefit it, and knowing your skin type is the first step in making informed decisions in your beauty routine. It is easy to identify your skin type. After you figure out which type you are, analyze the products

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