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Fight Allergies with a Face Cream?

Fight Allergies with a Face Cream?

Researchers have proposed that the skin may be the gateway to allergens that irritate and cause reactions under the skin. They say that any dry, cracked, “leaky” areas on the surface of our skin can present the perfect place for a world full of pollutants and irritants to “get under our skin.”

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Detox Your Skin

Detox Your Skin

We hear all about detoxing your body, but what about topically detoxing your skin? While cleansing your body internally has definite benefits on your skin, what you do to your largest organ that is continuously exposed to pollutants, irritants, dirt and makeup may have longer lasting effects

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Is Great Skin In Your Genes?

Is Great Skin In Your Genes?

Why are there so many men and women who look like they’re 36 when they are really 48, and so many who already look 40 on their 25 birthday? Ask and you will undoubtedly hear answers from those who look fantastic for their age like, “I owe it all to such-and-such product. I’ve been using it religiously

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