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Vinegar Beauty Secrets

Vinegar Beauty SecretsVinegar does more than add zest to your favorite salads and soften your vegetables as they sauté. Vinegar can easily be utilized in a variety of beauty solutions for overall body care. Vinegar is said to have been prescribed by Hippocrates as a respiratory drug, because it helps to clear out the mucous in the system. Similarly, vinegar can clarify the skin by rinsing away and removing the oils and dirt buildup that mimic blockages in your system by being blockages in your pores, making it impossible for your skin to breathe.


When you are buying vinegar for your beauty treatments, purchase only the highest quality vinegars. Apple cider vinegar is the kind recommended for these treatments.


Apple Cider Oily Skin Wash

For this easy wash simply mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of distilled water. Apply the wash to your face with a cotton ball, and avoid the eye area. Rinse with tepid water, and pat dry. This wash is a very effective remover of dirt and oil on the face, leaving your pores feeling more open and fresh.


Rosemary & Vinegar Hair Rinse

Use this rinse on your hair instead of conditioner after you shampoo if you are tired of experiencing the buildup some conditioners leave on your hair. This rinse is also great for a clarifying treatment when you enjoy the extra moisture conditioners leave in your hair, but know that your hair can use a breath from daily shower conditioning, leave-in conditioning, and hair products used to keep the hair in place. A vinegar rinse is also great for incredibly shiny hair. The rosemary stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth, and is great for thinning or brittle hair.

Chop 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary and place it in a jar. Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar, and store it in a cool dark place for about a week. Shake the jar vigorously once a day for the entire week to fully disperse the rosemary. After a week, strain the liquid and discard of the rosemary. Return the liquid to the jar. This is your rosemary and vinegar rinse solution.

When ready to use this rinse, take 1/3 cup of solution and dilute it with 3 cups of warm water. Rub into freshly shampooed, damp hair and scalp (keep this mixture out of your eyes). Rinse thoroughly, dry, and style as usual.


Vinegar Night Cream

Mix cup of olive oil with cup apple cider vinegar and water. Use this instead of a commercial night cream. The olive oil provides moisture for your skin, while the vinegar takes care of dead skin cells, skin discolorations, and bacteria.


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